Paros is the fourth-largest island of the Cyclades, characterized by its historical wealth, important archaeological finds and well-preserved settlements, as well as beautiful beaches.

Local Products

Cheese, wine and fish are the main products of the island.

The Cheese Cooperative absorbs almost the entire production to create graviera, kefalisio, ladotiri, krasotiro, mizithra, xinomizithra.

The white variety Monemvasia and the red Mandilaria are the most dominant varieties on the Island and produce dry, PDO Paros wines, with the exclusivity to have the possibility to be produced by mixing white and red grape varieties before fermentation.
Lately the sweet wine produced by the Malvasia variety was included in the Designation of Origin of Paros.

Seafood and fish: The fishing boats that feed the island, but also Athens, moor in Parikia, Naoussa, Ambela, Piso Livadi and Alyki.


Ladera (artichokes with broad beans, rice with sweet zucchini), ambelofassoula string beans with skordalia, legumes such as revithada, pseftokeftedes (literally pseudo-meatballs i.e. meatballs made without minced meat but with legumes or vegetables), oven-baked pita with horta, individual pita (‘kolopia’) or chortofouskotes (pies of the pan).

Meat: the festive “patudo” (Parian version of Lambriatis lamb prepared on Easter day), the pitsounia (pigeons), the hare stew ‘stifado’, the snails with myrmitzeli (handmade pasta), the Lefkian karavoli with skordalia, prepared either boubouristi or stifado (stewed in onions and tomato).

Other favorite recipes: kalfa with skordalia (Lefkiani recipe), black-eyed beans with chard, cod with spinach, cuttlefish with fennel, hare stifado.

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