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Greece’s Ladera dishes, oil-based and olive oil-centric, feature summer vegetables and pair wonderfully with feta cheese, offering both flavor and health.

Close-up of plate with Greek ‘ladera’ means tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice cooked in oven|

Greece may be the only country on the planet that has a category of dishes – Ladera – identified as oil-based. These dishes are an integral part of Greece’s summer cuisine, which includes dozens of recipes.

The main ingredient is, of course, the olive oil which dominates the preparation of the dish and includes summer vegetables which, combined, give the dish its ultimate taste. In fact, accompanying the ladera dish with thick feta cheese is the quintessence of flavor.

Close-up of plate with Greek ‘ladera’ means cooked beans with pods with tomatoes sauce

Oil-based foods, although using much olive oil, are usually low in calories since it is mainly the vegetables that actually end up on our plate. Of course, no one can resist dipping into the delicious oil of the stuffed vegetables, especially if we combine it with a little feta cheese. Fresh beans and okra and stuffed vegetables are the main oil-based dishes.

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