Akrocorinthos, the biggest ancient fortress of the Peloponnese.

The fortress of Akrocorinthos stands as a quintessential example of fortress architecture, showcasing construction techniques and ornamental motifs spanning its…

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a ancient castle on a rocky mountain of Peloponnese

Archaeological Site of Heraion Perachora – Melagavi Lighthouse

One of the most delightful day trips in the vicinity close to Athens that you’ll thoroughly enjoy includes a visit…

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Lake Doxa – Walk in the Alps of Corinthia by George, our Gastronomic correspondent from “Taste Local Greece”

Lake Doxa stands as an enchanting gem nestled among the Corinthian mountains, resembling a fairy-tale haven. Often regarded as the…

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Parnon – Vamvakou, by George, our Gastronomic correspondent from “Taste Local Greece”

The undiscovered village of Vamvakou, a gem nestled in Parnonas Is truly a reason to venture into the mysterious beauty…

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World Wine Tourism Day at Papagiannakos Winery

“Gastronomy Tours” and “Taste Local Greece” embarked on a memorable journey to the Attican vineyard, nestled in the Eastern suburbs…

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vineyards of Attica greece

World Olive Tree Day – the 26th of November

The olive tree is revered as a blessed symbol of peace and harmony worldwide

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O;ive tree

Three days in Arcadia with George, our Gastronomic Correspondent from ” Taste Local Greece”.

September is one of my favorite months for excursions and I always look for places to empty the mind from…

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Dirt road under the trees

Verdea Traditionelle award by Klima Grampsa

Verdea Traditionelle, has been distinguished and awarded as one of the 50 Best Wines of Greece in the 50 Great…

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PRESS RELEASE: Great public response to the “Open Breweries 2023” of the members of the Hellenic Brewers Association

The Hellenic Brewers Association successfully concluded the “Open Breweries 2023” event, featuring public tours of breweries belonging to the Association…

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Oenoxenia 2023

The Oenoxenia Festival, taking place from August 19 to September 3, 2023, commemorates a decade of continuous activities and aims…

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