Are you planning to visit the Peloponnese? Let us propose you some Gastronomic experiences!

2nd Food stories of Peloponnese -Geraki

Chefs and women from cultural associations will prepareemblematic recipes of Laconian Gastronomy.

July 30th 2023

Perched on the slopes of western Parnon, with Byzantine churches dominating the scenery, the village looks like an open museum. There, this year’s Peloponnese Food Stories takes its new stop, a cultural event celebrating flavors, people, and traditions, now in its second consecutive year. Strolling through the old neighborhoods, with colorful woolen kilims hanging from the balconies of the houses, feels like being in a theatrical or cinematic setting. Weaving is a traditional art for the village, passed down from generation to generation, with its roots tracing back to ancient Greece.

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Stories of tastes, of people, and of food culture.

Tasty delights, cabbage pies, and “gogkes”: And then what? A meeting at the village square, where local producers will offer delicious tastings from the heart of Laconian land. Chefs and women from cultural associations will prepare mouthwatering cabbage pies, handmade pasta, the so-called “gogkes,” and other emblematic recipes of Laconian Gastronomy. Meanwhile, in the children’s workshops, young chefs will play, have fun, and, of course, cook.

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