The white treasure extracted from salty lagoons or the surface of the rocks where the sea dries in the sun, is the blossom of salt, the afrina as it is […]


Agnopita is a pan-fried mizithra pita. Its name derives from the pita made with “agnos” (pure) dough, which in Crete refers to a very soft dough and, for this particular pita as traditionally made, calls for dough […]


The term agoureleo designates the olive oil produced from unripe green olives. The chlorophyll of unripe olives gives the resulting olive oil an intense green color, as well as enhanced […]


The amygdalota is a distinctive candy customarily offered on special occasions and celebrations as well as to one’s guests. Traditional amygdalota are shaped like small pears known as ahladakia (Greek […]


Akanes is a traditional sweet of Serres. Their appearance resembles loukoumi, but they have a unique, strong flavor due to the fact that they contain butter from sheep and goat’s […]

Alaniaris kokoras

Alaniaris kokoras means ‘free-range rooster’ in Greek. If there is a food that is emblematic of the Peloponnese and Epirus region – one that is inextricably linked to the life […]


Alisiva, otherwise known as ash water or lye, is a mixture made by boiling ash from burnt wood that has been boiled in water. The traditional lye solution is used […]


Ambelofassoula (string beans) are also called psila fasolia (‘fine beans’) and are a particular bean variety. They are pale white in color and have a characteristic black spot in the middle. They […]


close-up of plate with amygdalota, Greek sweets

Amygdalota is one of the most famous types of Greek sweets. Found in many regions, five of them are celebrated in particular: those of in Kymi, Andros, Spetses, Hydra, and […]

Anevates tiganites

Literally “raised pancakes”. Anevates tiganites are very similar to loukoumades. Traditionally, they are made with sourdough, where a gruel-like mixture of yeast, flour and water is created. The gruel is […]


Anthogala is the “blossom” of milk, that is, its fat. In essence, it consists mainly of the fat of goat’s milk with the addition of salt, which gives it a rich […]


Anthonero (bitter orange blossom water) The anthonero (rosewater) is the distillate produced by boiling water enriched with bitter orange flowers. Other flowers can be used as well, but those of […]