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Alaniaris kokoras

Alaniaris kokoras, a traditional Greek village delicacy, is a flavorful dish with mature, free-range rooster, tomato sauce, and hilopites, reminiscent of coq au vin.

Alaniaris kokoras means ‘free-range rooster’ in Greek.

If there is a food that is emblematic of the Peloponnese and Epirus region – one that is inextricably linked to the life of the Greek village – that would be the traditional free-range rooster cooked with hilopites. The aroma of fresh butter, garlic, wine and hilopites will surely remind you of village experiences from days of old!

It is a dish that has nothing to envy from the French version of coq au vin. The secret of its great flavor lies in the rooster itself. First of all, it is necessary – as in the French version – to start with a large, mature alianaris kokoras, one that has grazed freely, in order to produce a rich and tasty sauce. Secondly, the preparation must include the boiling of the rooster in tomato sauce, enabling it to achieve a divine taste. The hilopites are cooked together with the poultry sauce. The ultimate touch is the fresh olive oil added as the cooking reaches completion, raising the dish to flavorful heights. It must be enjoyed with a glass of wine – or two!

Photo: Thama Restaurant

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