Akrocorinthos, the biggest ancient fortress of the Peloponnese.

The fortress of Akrocorinthos stands as a quintessential example of fortress architecture, showcasing construction techniques and ornamental motifs spanning its…

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a ancient castle on a rocky mountain of Peloponnese

Archaeological Site of Heraion Perachora – Melagavi Lighthouse

One of the most delightful day trips in the vicinity close to Athens that you’ll thoroughly enjoy includes a visit…

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Lake Doxa – Walk in the Alps of Corinthia by George, our Gastronomic correspondent from “Taste Local Greece”

Lake Doxa stands as an enchanting gem nestled among the Corinthian mountains, resembling a fairy-tale haven. Often regarded as the…

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Parnon – Vamvakou, by George, our Gastronomic correspondent from “Taste Local Greece”

The undiscovered village of Vamvakou, a gem nestled in Parnonas Is truly a reason to venture into the mysterious beauty…

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Three days in Arcadia with George, our Gastronomic Correspondent from ” Taste Local Greece”.

September is one of my favorite months for excursions and I always look for places to empty the mind from…

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Dirt road under the trees

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