Are you planning to visit the Peloponnese? Let us propose you some Gastronomic experiences!

Plan your Gastronomy Tours in the Peloponnese

Plan your gastronomic visit to the Peloponnese including visits to producers, cooking lessons and day trips related to gastronomy.

Mythical Peloponnese

The Peloponnese has a long gastronomic history. Many regions and their products were widely famous from antiquity, like the vineyards of Nemea, the olive oil of Messenia, the aromatic plants and herbs of Arcadia, the vegetables of Corinth, as well as Sparta’s dark broth. Due to the enormous extent and diversity of its soil, the Peloponnese is richly endowed with products and flavours.
Also highly developed are livestock farming and fisheries. There is also much cultivation of fruits and vegetables, as well as grains that yield pasta of high quality.

Many of these products have a distinctive flavour. Among them are the Tsakonian eggplant, pears of the Krystalli variety, spoon sweets, olive oil, Messinian olives, regional wines, balsamic vinegar, tsipouro, chestnuts, almonds and nuts from the Kynouria mountain region, salted pork, Kalavryta formaela, Valtessiniko onions, Menalo honey, singlino from the Mani, dairy products from Laconia, Arcadia and Messinia, Vatika onions, pasteli and dried figs from Messinia, melons from Argos, strawberries and watermelons from Elis. These are just some of the local products with designations of origin offered by the Peloponnesian earth…

Enjoy Gastronomy Tours in Peloponnese

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Cooking lessons in Greece offer a unique experience due to several factors. Greek cuisine is steeped in history and tradition, influenced by various civilizations over centuries. Cooking lessons often delve into this rich culinary heritage, teaching not just recipes, but the stories and cultural significance behind them to deepen your connection with Greek cuisine, learn from local experts, and enjoy a fun and educational culinary adventure.

From 65.55 € / per person

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Explore local wine-making traditions, meet winemakers, and enjoy tastings at picturesque vineyards. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a curious beginner, winery visits offer a delightful blend of education and sensory enjoyment. 

From 77 € / per person

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Visiting an olive oil producer offers a unique experience. You can learn about the production process, visit olive groves, taste high-quality olive oils, and appreciate the rich history and culture, behind this essential Mediterranean ingredient. Plus, meeting passionate producers adds a personal touch to your journey! 

From 11 € / per person

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Renting a car not only gives you the freedom to visit producers, taste local products, and experience the region’s culinary scene at your own pace, but also allows you to explore the numerous archaeological sites, visit charming villages, venture into the high mountains, and enjoy the stunning beaches that the Peloponnese has to offer. 

It’s a fantastic way to indulge in the gastronomy of the region while soaking in its rich history, natural beauty, and cultural heritage.

From: 17 € / per person

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