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A 5-Day Gastronomic Journey through Laconia, Peloponnese




5 d


Up to 6 persons

Guided Tour

Up to 6 persons

Overnight Stay

Not provided

Active Months

Feb, Mar, Oct, Nov


Embarking on a gastronomic journey to the southernmost tip of the Peloponnese, in Laconia, promises a multisensory experience that will delight your taste buds, awaken your senses, and immerse you in the rich culinary and historical heritage of this remarkable region.

From the rugged landscapes of the peninsula to the fertile plains dotted with endless olive groves and orange orchards, the ancient land of Laconia offers a unique and exciting trove of gastronomic and historical treasures. This region is a haven for all tastes, inviting you to discover and experience it like a local.

This journey is a true celebration of the senses. Every sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch tells a story of centuries-old traditions, culture, and culinary excellence. Each moment immerses you deeper into the fabric of Laconian life, offering a rich tapestry of experiences that blend the past and present.

As a captivating adventure, this trip will leave you with truly enjoyable memories that will accompany you long after the journey has ended.



  • Accommodation (1 night in Athens & 3 nights in Laconia)

  • AirConditioned Transfer (From Athens to Peloponnese and back)

  • 4 Breakfast

  • 4 Lunch

  • 3 Dinner

  • 2 Cooking Classes / 1 Wine tasting

  • Water / Coffees / Snacks for the whole trip

  • All the Museum tickets

  • Licenced Guides

  • Not Included

  • Transfer from and to the airport

  • Gratuities

  • Personal Expenses

  • Optional Services

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    • Day 1
      • Welcome Dinner in Athens: Begin your journey with a welcoming dinner in Athens, offering stunning views of the Acropolis. Enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the iconic sights of the city.
      • Accommodation: Stay in the heart of Athens, providing easy access to the city’s vibrant culture and history.
    • Day 2
      • Departure for Laconia: Set off for Laconia, Peloponnese, a region known for its rich history and culinary delights.
      • Stop at the Isthmus of Corinth: Pause at this narrow strip of land connecting the Peloponnese peninsula to mainland Greece. It’s a marvel of natural and historical significance.
      • Food Tasting in Taygetos Mountains: Visit a picturesque village in the majestic Taygetos Mountains for a unique food tasting experience at a hidden fish unit, featuring locally sourced ingredients.
      • Visit to Sparti: Head to the historic capital of Laconia, Sparti. Tour a mosaic tile workshop where skilled artisans craft intricate designs inspired by ancient Greek motifs.
      • Dinner: Enjoy dinner at a traditional Greek taverna, savoring the local flavors and hospitality.
    • Day 3
      • Explore Mystras: Wander through the ancient pathways and Byzantine churches of Mystras. Learn about the history of olive oil production at the Olive Oil Museum in Sparti with insights from an experienced archaeologist and tour guide.
      • Cooking Class and Lunch: Participate in a cooking class and lunch at a charming old traditional house. Under the guidance of a skilled producer of sea salt and herbs, prepare authentic Greek dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced locally.
      • Stroll in Areopoli: End the day with a leisurely stroll through the cobblestone streets of Areopoli, a town rich in history and charm.
    • Day 4
      • Visit to an Organic Agrotourism Farm: Enjoy an olive oil tasting and a farm-to-table cooking class with lunch at an organic agrotourism farm nestled in the rolling hills of Laconia.
      • Walk to Monemvasia: Explore the medieval fortress town of Monemvasia, perched atop a rocky promontory overlooking the Aegean Sea.
      • Cold Cuts and Wine: Conclude the day with a delightful evening of cold cuts and wine under the moon, soaking in the serene ambiance.
    • Day 5
      • Departure from Laconia: Begin your journey back, concluding your gastronomic adventure.
      • Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting: Enjoy a tour and wine tasting at one of the region’s largest vineyards. Learn about the winemaking process from grape to bottle.
      • Final Meal: Indulge in a sumptuous meal at a traditional Greek taverna, paired with perfect wine accompaniments, celebrating the flavors and memories of your culinary journey.

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