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"Tsalafouti" cheese was registered in the list of products of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Newsletter March 2023

Gastronomy Tours was officially launched under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

Greece on its Way to Develop and Promote Beer Tourism

The Greek Tourism Ministry and the Hellenic Association of Brewers have taken the first step to officially make beer

Newsletter – December 2022

Gastronomy Tours' wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season with the Gastronomy Tours' inaugural newsletter.

Promote Heraklion’s Gastronomy to Cruise Passengers

The Heraklion port will soon host a year round exhibition space that will introduce Cretan gastronomy to cruise passengers

World Culinary Awards 2022

World Culinary Awards: Botrini's restaurant, Athens was named Greece’s Best Restaurant and ALIOS ILIOS was named Greece’s Best Hotel Restaurant
Terrace of the Lions in Delos, Mykonos island


The entire island of Delos is designated as an archaeological site, a UNESCO world heritage site, just a few miles away from cosmopolitan Mykonos. The archaeological site on...

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chios in Greece, windmills on the seaport


Chios is an island in the North Aegean that retains its beauty unchanged. It is famous for its mastic and the beautiful Mastic villages, its medieval villages, the...

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seaport at Kefalonia, Greece, with buildings in the background of the sea


Boasting a breathtaking natural landscape with exotic beaches, picturesque fishing villages and magical underground caves, Kefalonia is one of the best destinations in Greece for nature lovers

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view of Kalamata marina with the boths on the port and many buildings


Magnificent Mt. Taygetos towers above a city that boasts modern cafes, beach bars, restaurants, hotels, markets, historic buildings, a significant port, a summer dance festival and a pulsating...

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seaport of Kasos with small boaths and a church


Kasos is the southernmost island of the Dodecanese a peaceful, a gem, where customs and traditions of the past have been kept alive and nature remains untouched with...

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view of monasteries at Kilkis, Greece


The environmental beauties, the rich history, the wide range of alternative travel options combine together to shape a unique experience for the visitors in the region of Kilkis.

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