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Megara stands as a testament to Greece’s ancient roots, tracing back to some of the earliest settlements in the region.

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An outstanding destination in West Attica!

Nestled at the convergence of land and sea, bridging Attica and the Peloponnese, between the Corinthian and Saronic Gulf, lies the enchanting town of Megara, only 30 minutes west of Athens towards Corinth. This West Attica gem beckons with its storied past, stunning landscapes, and undiscovered wonders that captivate all who visit.

Megara stands as a testament to Greece’s ancient roots, tracing back to some of the earliest settlements in the region. Its strategic location has historically positioned it as a vital commercial nexus, fostering trade and prosperity. Today, echoes of Megara’s rich heritage reverberate through its archaeological treasures, scattered throughout the town, serving as poignant reminders of its enduring legacy.

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Monuments and Archaeological Sites

One of Megara’s most remarkable archaeological marvels is the famed “Theagenes Fountain,” an iconic water supply structure renowned throughout the ancient Greek world for its ingenious design. Constructed in the 5th century B.C., it stands as a testament to the brilliance of ancient architecture.

At the southwestern edge of the city, visitors encounter the remnants of a grand circular tower, accompanied by the foundations of smaller structures. Here, evidence of a small temple or heroon speaks to the legend of King Kar, credited with constructing the Karia acropolis and the revered sanctuaries of Demeter, known as “Megara,” thus lending the city its name.

In the vicinity of Pachi, atop St. George Hill, stands the picturesque Church of St. George, marking the site of one of ancient Megaris’ historic forts. Echoes of its storied past resonate amidst the ruins surrounding the church, offering visitors a glimpse into bygone eras. Accessible by car or foot, the hill summit treats guests to breathtaking vistas overlooking the Saronic Gulf, the Megara plains, and the majestic Pateras Mountain range.

A stroll through the charming alleys of the old town on Alkathous Hill reveals beautiful churches scattered throughout while providing panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Perched atop Palaiokastro hill, which commands a commanding view of Megara’s coastline, remnants of late Medieval fortifications endure, serving as a testament to the region’s enduring history.

Immerse yourself in Megara’s rich heritage at the Archaeological Museum, where a treasure trove of historical artefacts awaits discovery. At the Kastaneio Folklore Museum, marvel at exquisite traditional costumes from Megara, Salamina, Corinth, Smyrna, and Spetses, offering insights into the region’s cultural tapestry. Delve into the industrial history and traditions of Megara at the meticulously restored Traditional Petka Oil Mill, an iconic symbol of architectural heritage.

Local products and gastronomy

The exceptional climate and soil of Megara bestow its olives with a distinctive and delectable flavour, earning them acclaim as among the finest cultivars in the Mediterranean. Renowned for its rich colour, sweet taste, and tantalizing aroma of ripe fruits, Megara olive oil delights connoisseurs worldwide. Megara’s winemaking prowess shines brightly, with its Roditis and Savvatiano white grape varieties, alongside the red Mavroudi, garnering prestigious international accolades.

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) pistachio nuts from Megara rank among the world’s finest varieties, a testament to the region’s fertile lands and meticulous cultivation practices. The expansive Megarian flatlands yield bountiful harvests of top-quality fruits and vegetables, supplying local markets and eateries with unparalleled freshness. Megara’s coastal bounty extends to its seafood, with fresh catches from the Saronic and Corinthian Gulf gracing tables with exquisite flavours.

Indulge in Megara’s culinary delights during your visit, savouring local delicacies such as katsoumbles (doughnuts), boumbaria, galopita, koutalites (local pancakes), and mousounda. Beyond its gastronomic offerings, Megara enchants with hidden treasures that captivate all who venture here. Its breathtaking natural landscapes, coupled with a rich tapestry of enduring traditions, beckon to adventurous souls seeking off-the-beaten-path experiences. Megara stands as an idyllic destination for travellers in search of extraordinary charm and authentic encounters.

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