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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

(Issued August, 2020)

Our Website and apps use cookies. Each time you use this Website and our apps you will be bound by the then current Cookies Policy, so, please read this policy each time you use our Website to satisfy yourself that you are agreeing to it.

Our Cookies Policy explains what cookies are, why and how we use them, and how you can manage them.

1. What are cookies

A cookie is a small file that a website stores on your computer or your mobile device when you visit this website. Cookies track your movements within a website and enable the website to remember your preferences (such as user name, language, and other settings).

First-party cookies are cookies set and controlled by the website you are visiting.

Third-party cookies are cookies set and controlled by parties other than the website you are visiting.

Session cookies are cookies, which are deleted when you quit your browser.

Permanent cookies are cookies, which are not deleted automatically when you quit your browser but remain in the browser for a certain amount of time.

Essential (operational) cookies, whether session or permanent, are cookies which are necessary for browsing a website, for internal security and system management.

Statistics cookies are cookies which serve exclusively statistical purposes and collect information in aggregate form.

Advertising cookies are cookies which track the preferences of website visitors and serve for advertising and marketing purposes.

Essential (operational) cookies have to be included for a website to function. For this reason, the law does not require your consent.

2. Why and how we use cookies

We use cookies for many reasons, such as to recognise you when you return to our Website, to keep track of how often you visit our Website, the contents of your reservations, to store information about your preferences, previous reservations and to deliver content specific to your interests. They are designed to assist your reservations.

We also use cookies to assess how visitors (not identified personally) interact with our Website for our internal research on how we can improve our Website.

Every time you visit our Website, you will be asked to accept or refuse cookies.

Use of absolutely essential (operational) cookies is automatic in our Website and apps, while other (non – essential) cookies are by default disabled. We will use other cookies only if you give us your consent.

Our Website includes links to third-party (Producers’) websites and applications. If you click on a third party link, you will be directed to that party’s site. We do not control these websites and are not responsible for their cookies policies. We advise you to review the cookies policy of every Website you visit.

Our Website uses the following cookies:

Essential/operational cookies

Name     Purpose Cookie ΤypeDuration
tk_aiCollects internal website statistics that measure user activity and are used to improve user experience. First-party Session CookieExpires after 5 years
pll_languageMultilingual website managementFirst-party Session CookieExpires after 1 year
PHPSESSID#PHP session cookie associated with embedded content from this domain. Used by PHP to identify a current user’s session.First-party Session CookieExpires after a browsing session
_GRECAPTCHATo provide spam protection.Third-party HTTP Session CookieExpires after a browsing session
__stripe_sidTo provide fraud prevention.Third-party HTTP Session CookieExpires after 30 minutes

Statistics cookies

NamePurpose Cookie Τype Duration
NIDSet by Google to set a unique user ID to remember user preferencesThird-party Persistent CookieExpires after 182 days
_gaIt records a particular ID used to come up with data about website usage by the userThird-party HTTP Persistent CookieExpires after 2 years
_gat#Enables Google Analytics regulate the rate of requestingThird-party HTTP Session CookieExpires after a browsing session
_gidKeeps an entry of unique ID which is then used to come up with statistical data on website usage by visitorsThird-party HTTP Session CookieExpires after a browsing session
mp_#_mixpanelThis cookie is set by Mixpanel for analyzing traffic, and in particular how users reached the platformThird-party Persistent CookieExpires after 1 year
_fbpThird-party Persistent CookieExpires after 3 months

3. How you can manage cookies

Our website provides the possibility to enable other than essential cookies by consenting/selecting and managing your cookies preferences. To manage your cookies preferences, please select “Cookies Settings”.

In addition to managing cookies in our Website you can:

– delete all cookies on your device by clearing the browsing history of your browser each time you complete your navigation

– change the settings of your browser/mobile device to block cookies from being placed on your device

Please be aware that, if you delete cookies, you may lose some saved login details or preferences and, if you block the installation of cookies, you may not be able to use functions, applications and services of our Website.

For more info please contact as at [email protected].

4. Updates and changes to this policy

Any changes/updates we make to this policy will be valid as from their posting to our Website, so please read our cookies policy regularly to be fully updated.

Should you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

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