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Archaeological Site of Heraion Perachora – Melagavi Lighthouse

One of the most delightful day trips in the vicinity close to Athens that you’ll thoroughly enjoy includes a visit to Vouliagmeni Lake, Heraion, and the Melagavi Lighthouse with stunning views. Dare this one-day trip to the Peloponnese, a decision you won’t…

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One of the most delightful day trips in the vicinity close to Athens that you’ll thoroughly enjoy includes a visit to Vouliagmeni Lake, Heraion, and the Melagavi Lighthouse with stunning views.

Dare this one-day trip to the Peloponnese, a decision you won’t regret. Begin your journey at the Lagoon of Vouliagmeni, situated at the entrance of the Peloponnese just before you reach the Isthmus of Corinth.

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Just a brief hour and a half away from Athens, immerse yourself in a captivating blend of nature and ancient wonders. Revel in the charm of a private beach, coupled with the allure of one of Greece’s most picturesque lighthouses—now designated as a historical monument.

Upon clearing the main toll booth before reaching the Isthmus, make sure to take the exit for Loutraki, Perachora, and Heraion. Continue your journey through Loutraki tracing the palm-fringed shoreline towards Perachora, where Lake Vouliagmeni awaits. Opt for an early start, and soon, you’ll arrive at the eastern lakeside, greeted by a charming cafe nestled on the sand, inviting you to unwind with a delightful double Greek morning coffee.

The adventure unfolds as you commence your journey around the lake. Kick off the circuit, tracing the lagoon until you reach a narrow point where the Corinthian Gulf revitalizes the serene waters, close to the chapel of Agios Nikolaos.

Heading towards Heraion, the path leads to the enchanting Lindo Beach—a summer hotspot worth exploring.

Retracing our steps amidst a dwindling crowd in late October, the weather held at a comfortable twenty-two degrees. With the sun reminiscent of summer, we found ourselves ready for an unexpected swim. Armed with our bathing suits, we joyfully plunged into the inviting blue waters of the lagoon.

Continue your journey on foot until you reach the opening where the Gulf of Corinth introduces refreshing seawater into the lake. Here, you’re likely to encounter fishermen relishing the embrace of nature.

Your next destination is Heraion, where you’ll discover the remnants of the sacred temple dating back to the 6th century BC, dedicated to Hera Akrea.

Tradition holds that Medea visited this place to bury her children, whom she had tragically slain in her quest for vengeance against her unfaithful husband, Jason.

In ancient times, the Corinthians would make sacrifices and offerings to the goddess before embarking on their exploratory voyages to the Adriatic, establishing new colonies in southern Italy.

The sanctuary’s renown transcended its geographical proximity, as evidenced by the offerings discovered, which arrived not only from neighbouring Argos and Sparta but also from the distant regions of Rhodes and Chios.

Marvel at the enchanting beauty of the landscape from above, and as you descend, explore the area featuring the distinctive arched reservoir—the concluding element of a pioneering water supply system that was remarkably advanced for its time.

On your way towards the beach, immerse yourself in the waters with Hera’s sanctuary overlooking, creating a serene and magical bathing experience.

The Melagavi lighthouse is renowned as one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Greece, holding the distinction of being designated a historical monument since 2001. It is worth waiting until late there to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets…

Continue towards the tip of the peninsula, where you’ll discover the Melagavi Lighthouse. The remarkable stone lighthouse of Melagavi since 1897 continues to serve as a guiding beacon for ships arriving from the Adriatic and Corinthian Gulfs, directing them toward the Isthmus.

As midday transitioned into the afternoon, the subtle grumbling of stomachs guided us for an ouzo experience at the tavern at the pier overlooking the sea. Grilled calamari, along with fried potatoes and various snacks accompanied our ouzo.

The simplicity and beauty of the lake, adorned with silent boats and seagulls leisurely drifting, provided the perfect conclusion to the day.

After the meal, we set out on the road towards the Kalamaki Beach Hotel, where we had made a reservation to spend the night.

Upon arrival, we stretched out on the hotel’s inviting beach, taking in the picturesque vista of the Saronic Gulf. A refreshing swim in the sea rejuvenated us. As the sun dipped below the horizon, we decided to dine at the hotel’s restaurant in a beautiful garden.

The Greek & International cuisine of the hotel is prepared with local ingredients by the hotel’s chefs for a genuine dining experience in the Peloponnese. The hotel is certified for its Greek Breakfast offering regional breakfast delicacies.

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