The city of Kozani, built near the ancient city, as the western Macedonia in general, is a rural area where in recent years many young people have invested mainly in the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants with a flagpole, the Kozani saffron, and lavender for the production of natural essential oils as well as from many other plants such as rose, oregano, thyme, sage, mountain tea and Lemon balm.


The Prefecture of Kozani is the paradise of the modern “food collector”. In the mountains of Voio and Askio, in the highlands of Vermiο, in the Velvento plain, in towns, villages and forests, the visitor will find traditional products that satisfy even the most demanding palate. Cheese, meat and cold cuts, legumes and pasta, wine and tsipouro, yolk, fruit, sweets and jams, as well as the “wild” offspring of the Macedonian land, hunting, freshwater fish, mushrooms, chestnuts, hazelnuts and walnuts of excellent flavors and make the area an ideal destination for tasty quests.

The visitor of the Prefecture of Kozani can try many different dishes. However, some of them characterize the area. 

Giaprakia, characterize our Christmas table. They are dolmades, consisting of coarsely chopped pork or small pieces of meat, with rice, many spices, wrapped in cabbage leaves. They are cooked over a low heat in clay jars and according to tradition they symbolize the swaddled Christ. 

Tsoukalakia is a type of stew. The boumbari or babo is a rare meze from stuffed belly or intestine with rice and minced pork and liver, while the dominant dish of the Easter table in the city of Kozani is the tsitsilato (lamb cooked with plenty of herbs and spinach). The area is famous for its wonderful homemade pita, stuffed with onion, eggplant, leek, nettle, spinach or minced meat. Also unique are the kichia, made of dough sheet and feta cheese wrapped in a screw shape. 

Kozani cheese products are considered unique for their production quality and taste. Feta, touloumotiri, kefalotiri, batzios and manouri are amazing. 

The famous beans from Sisani are a special delicacy either in bean soup or in giant plates. 
Finally, the large production of apples in Eordea and peaches in Velvento has led to the creation of modern agricultural cooperatives, which are engaged in the processing and promotion of jams and sweets of unique taste. 

Wine makes people happy!
The Greeks from ancient times loved wine and worshiped its god, Dionysus. Wine accompanied gods and people in both pleasant and unpleasant moments of life. From ancient times the people in Western Macedonia and especially in the prefecture of Kozani were engaged in viticulture, home-made production of high quality wines, and the famous tsipouro. At the same time, cooperatives and individuals are active in the production of wine and tsipouro, creating products of exceptional quality. The production base of the excellent wine of the region is the famous variety “xinomavro” in combination with muscat and other local varieties. The sun dried wine of Siatista, the sweet red wines are famous  today. 

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