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Manouri: Greek PDO soft white cheese, blend of whey, sheep, and goat milk, with a rich, sweet taste. Versatile for savory and sweet dishes.

Close-up of round pieces of Greek ‘Manouri’ soft white table-cheese

Manouri is a traditional Greek soft white table-cheese that is firm and without skin. It originated in ancient times. It belongs to the category of soft cheeses produced in the regions of Thessaly and central and western Macedonia and has been registered as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product since 1996.

To make manouri, it is necessary to mix the whey with fresh sheep or goat full-fat milk or of a mixture of the two, to which sheep or goat cream is added.

Its taste is rich, sweet and subtly pleasant, with a noticeably oily taste and characteristically light milky aroma. It is considered ideal for preparing appetizers and is included as an ingredient in salty or sweet recipes.

It perfectly accompanies various oil-based dishes, is used in pitas and tarts and accents salads. It is also served as a dessert, along with fruit or honey and nuts.

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