Gastronomy of Euboea

Nobility as well as simplicity, diverse dishes and strong flavors…

Euboea, the largest island in Greece after Crete, is considered to be a mini-paradise for connoisseurs of food. Thanks to its rich fisheries, livestock farming and agricultural production, your dinner plate can be graced with the freshest of local dishes.

The prefecture of Euboea is a blessed land that enjoys a variety of unique goods, a strong cultural identity and age-old culinary traditions. The cuisine of Euboea is rich, but also famed for its simplicity, diversity, strong flavors and fresh ingredients.

Among the regional dishes are meats deliciously combined with vegetables and with recipes, handed down through the generations, made from lamb in country-style dishes, kontosouvli, exochiko, or with local sausages, gardoumba, kokoretsi, bekri meze, astakomakaronada, psaromeze, kourkoubines or goglies, trahana, kokoras krasatos, lamb with pasta, fried shrimp, octopus in wine sauce, seafood spaghetti, and spicy appetizers, pita with wild greens, tiropitaria, local cheeses, and local wine.

The regional sweets are delightful “soutzouki” and traditional, Kimi-style baklava, local pasteli, handmade spoon sweet, fresh and dried figs smoked in aromatic steam, almonds and more.

Nobility, culture, and a richly distinctive gastronomic identity…

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) products of Euboea:

Product Designation of Origin or
Geographical indication
Fruits, dried nutsDried figs of Kimi (PDO)
Fruits, dried nutsDried figs of Taxiarchi (PDO)
WineEvia (PGI)
WineKaristos (PGI)
WineLilandio Pedio (PGI)
WineRetsina of Gialtra (PGI)
WineRetsina of Karistos (PGI)
WineRetsina of Chalkida (PGI)

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