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Gastronomy of Peloponnese

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The Peloponnese has a long gastronomic history. Many regions and their products were widely famous from antiquity, like the vineyards of Nemea, the olive oil of Messenia, the aromatic plants and herbs of Arcadia, the vegetables of Corinth, as well as Sparta’s dark broth. Due to the enormous extent and diversity of its soil, the Peloponnese is richly endowed with products and flavors.

Also highly developed are livestock farming and fisheries.

There is also much cultivation of fruits and vegetables, as well as the grains that yield pasta of high quality.

Many of these products have a distinctive flavor. Among them are the Tsakonian eggplant, pears of the Krystalli variety, spoon sweets, olive oil, Messinian olives, regional wines, balsamic vinegar, tsipouro, chestnuts, almonds and nuts from the Kynouria mountain region, salted pork, Kalavryta formaela, Valtessiniko onions, Menalo honey, singlino from the Mani, dairy products from Laconia, Arcadia and Messinia, Vatika onions, pasteli and dried figs from Messinia, melons from Argos, strawberries and watermelons from Elis. These are just some of the local products with designations of origin offered by the Peloponnesian earth…

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) products:

ProductDesignation of Origine or
Geographical indication
Olive oilKrokees (PDO)Laconia
Olive oil Petrina (PDO) Laconia
Olive oil Foiniki (PDO) Laconia
Olive oil Laconia (PDO) Laconia
Olive oil Olympia (PDO) Ilia
Olive oil Kranidi (PDO) Argolis
Olive oil Lygourio (PDO) Argolis
Olive oil Kalamata (PDO) Messinia
Olives Kalamata (PDO) Messinia
Fruits and vegetablesTsakoniki eggplant of Leonidio (PDO) Arcadia
Fruits and vegetables Apples delicious of Pilafa (PDO) Arcadia
Fruits and vegetables Vanilla beans of Feneos (PGI) Corinthia
Fruits and vegetables Fava of Feneos (PGI) Corinthia
Fruits and vegetables Artichoke Irion (PGI) Argolis
Fruits and vegetables Corinthian raisins (PGI) Achaia
Fruits and vegetables Raisins of Ilia (PGI)Ilia
CheeseFeta (PDO) Messinia, Laconia, Arcadia, Argolis, Ilia, Corinthia, Achaia
Cheese Sfela (PDO) Messinia, Laconia
Other animal originsFir honey of Menalo (PDO) Arcadia
Other animal origins Patras (PDO) Achaia
WinePatras (PDO)Achaia
Wine Nemea (PDO) Corinthia
Wine Monembasia-Malvasia (PDO) Laconia
WineMuscat of Patras (PDO) Achaia
Wine Muscat of Rio / Patras (PDO) Achaia
Wine Mavrodaphne of Patras (PDO) Achaia
Wine Mantinia (PDO) Arcadia
Wine Arkadia (PDO) Arcadia
Wine Peloponnissos (PGI) Peloponnese
Wine Argolis (PGI) Argolis
Wine Achaia (PGI) Achaia
Wine Ilia (PGI) Ilia
Wine Korinthia (PGI) Corinthia
Wine Lakonia (PGI) Laconia
Wine Messinia (PGI) Messinia
Wine Klimenti (PGI) Corinthia
Wine Letrina (PGI) Ilia
Wine Pisatis (PGI) Ilia
Wine Slopes of Aegialia (PGI) Achaia
Wine Slopes of Petrotou (PGI) Achaia
Wine Pylia (PGI) Messinia
Wine Tegea (PGI) Arcadia
Wine Triffilia (PGI) Messinia

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