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Singlino: Smoked pork from Peloponnese & Cyclades. Stewed, preserved in oil. Enjoy fried or in dishes. Bold flavor, sometimes with orange peels.

Pieces of ‘singlino’
Traditional Singlino or Pasto

Arcadia and Laconia, two prefectures in the Peloponnese, are reputed to produce the best singlino, which they call pasto. Also very popular and delicious, however, is the pasto made in the Cyclades, with minor variations in the meat chunks and the way it is prepared.

Great care is taken to bring pasto pork to the dinner table. It is first smoked with beechwood, sage and other aromatic branches and stewed in local wine and orange peels along with a mixture of herbs, mountain spices and chicory. The pieces are then placed in glass jars and covered with extra virgin olive oil or royal fat or lard, i.e. the fat surrounding pig kidneys.

Singlino has a strong taste and, before being served, is sprinkled lightly with orange peels. It is usually eaten as a fried appetizer or with eggs and potatoes, along with legumes or olive-oil cooked dishes along with fresh broad beans and fennel or with xinohondros.

Ready-made Mani-style singlino is sometimes available in food markets.


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