Are you planning to visit Crete? Let us propose you some Gastronomic experiences!


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  • Varvara

    Agia Varvara's treat: Varvara porridge. Nutty, spiced, sweet, shared for health, warmth, and strength. A cherished tradition.

    Close-up of bowls with ‘Varvara’ is a kind of porridge
  • Vasilopita

    Vasilopita: Sweet New Year's tradition. Baked with coins, symbolizing luck. Shared for joy and good fortune.

    Close-up of decorative Greek ‘vasilopita’ sweet
  • Vissinada

    Vissinada: Summer delight! Refreshing sour cherry juice, ice-cold perfection. Also a sweet topping for desserts.

    Close-up of glass with Greek ‘Vissinada’ means sour cherry juice and fresh heights in the background
  • Voutimata

    Greek delights: Voutimata biscuits, perfect with coffee; A sweet treat for tea, juices—dip in cups!

    Close-up of Greek ‘Voutimata’ biscuits
  • Xerotigana

    Cretan delight: Crunchy, sweet xerotigana; Dough strips fried, dipped in syrup, honey, cinnamon; Garnished with nuts.

    Close-up of Greek ‘Xerotigana’ made from dough and rolled into long
  • Xigalo of Sitia

    Xigalo of Sitia: Goat & sheep milk spread, grainy texture, acidy, slightly salty; Pairs with appetizers, salads, bread.

    Close-up of Greek ‘Xigalo of Sitia’ spread cheese surrounded by small dry breads
  • Xinohondros

    Xinohondros: Cretan delight, soured milk and coarse wheat. Versatile, used in soups or as a distinctive sweet.

    Close-up of Greek ‘Xinohondros’ means trahana|
  • Xinomizithra

    Xinomizithra: Creamy Cretan cheese, blend of sheep's and goat's milk. Versatile for salads, tirosalata, and pitas.

    Ceramic bowl with Greek ‘Xinomizithra’ is a spreadable cheese
  • Xinotiri

    Xinotiri: Cretan cheese blend of sheep's and goat's milk. Versatile for salads, tirosalata, and pitas.

    Ceramic bowl with Greek ‘Xinotiri’ is a spreadable cheese
  • Xydato

    Xydato: Amorgos soup with goat meat. Traditionally served after religious vigils or weddings for post-celebration recovery.

    Ceramic bowls with Greek ‘Xydato’ is a soup with goat meat and offal
  • Yiahni

    Yiahni: Greek dish with vegetables, potatoes, or legumes cooked in tomato sauce and sautéed onions. Often prepared during Lent.

    close-up of Greek ‘Yiahni’ is a dish with vegetables or potatoes cooked with tomato sauce and sautéed onions
  • Zea

    Zea: Ancient Greek cereal-grain, rich in fiber, protein, lysine, and vitamins A, B, C, and E. Low gluten, high magnesium.

    close-up of 'zea' grains on wooden surface
  • Ziladia

    Ziladia: Spiced pork appetizer, boiled and preserved with orange juice or broth. Winter delicacy in Greek regions.

    Close-up of ‘ziladia’ made with the meat from select parts of pork boiled with spices in gelatine

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