Are you planning to visit Crete? Let us propose you some Gastronomic experiences!


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  • Tahinokouloura

    Tahinokouloura are buiscuits based on tahini. Ground mastc is added together with mahlab, sugar or honey with flour and baking powder.

    Bakery pan with Greek ’tahinokouloura’
  • Takakia

    Takakia: Rhodes delight, leavened pastry with nuts, spices, olive oil, and honey. Minimal sugar, high nutrition.

    Close-up of Greek ‘Takakia’
  • Tarachta

    Tarachta: Santorini omelet, yolk separated, whipped egg whites, milk, pepper, salt, parsley. Optional spicy cheese topping.

    Close-up of ‘Tarachta’ is an omelet with peppers from Santorini
  • Tarama

    Tarama: Greek delight from fish roe, mixed with olive oil, lemon, and starchy base. Taramokeftedes and taramosalata on Ash Monday.

    red taramas|Close-up of glass box with ‘tarama’ or chaviari is rose fish roe
  • Taramosalata

    Taramosalata: Savory Greek spread with fish roe, onion, dill, lemon, olive oil. Creamy texture, delightful taste.

    Close-up of plate with white Greek ‘Taramas’ means salad of fish roe with smooth texture and black olives on top|
  • Tas kebab

    Tas Kebab: Greek hearty veal stew, rich tomato sauce, spices, red wine. Served with pilaf rice. Heritage from Constantinople.

    Close-up of ‘Tas kebab’
  • Teroptaria

    Teroptaria: Skyros delight, filo filled with sweet trahana, rice, mizithra cheese. Triangular or flute-shaped, with honey-cinnamon option.

    Close-up of plate with small ‘teroptaria’ from filo filled with sweet trahana
  • Thilikotiri

    Thilikotiri: Naxos specialty, female cheese. Salty, dry anthotiro from whey. Aged for delightful personality.

    Balls of thilikotiri Naxos cheeses on wooden surface
  • Throumba

    Throumba: Wrinkled black olive, washed, salted, drained, and preserved in olive oil. Traditional Greek delight.

    wicker basket with ‘Throumba’ olives are wrinkled
  • Tigania

    Tigania: Greek meze, pork or chicken pieces fried with herbs, salt, pepper. Wine or ouzo addition. Christmas tradition, perfect with beer.

    Pan with Greek ‘Tigania’
  • Tirokafteri

    Tirokafteri: Greek cheese spread, feta, hot peppers, olive oil, yogurt, garlic, and oregano. Perfect for meze or with warm pita bread.

    Bowl with Greek ‘Tirokafteri is a cheese-based spread with fresh green leaves on top
  • Tiropita

    Tiropita: Savory pie with feta, cheese, and egg filling. Delectable on-the-go fast food option.

  • tiropitaki

    Tiropitaki: Mini tiropita bites. Salty cheese filling, spiced. Perfect meze. Street food delight in bakeries, canteens, and shops.

  • Tiropitaria

    Tiropitari: Euboean delight, fried feta and anthotiro cheese pie. Crunchy outside, fluffy inside. Irresistibly tasty.

    close-up of tiropitaria
  • Tirosalata

    Tirosalata: Feta delight, olive oil, pepper, garlic, oregano. Ideal meze, dip, or sandwich spread. Versatile and delicious.

    Bowl with Greek ‘tirosalata’ is salad with feta cheese and olive oil
  • Tirovolia

    Tirovolia: Fresh cheese, sheep/goat/mixed milk. Unsalted, creamy, sour. Ideal for sweet/savory pies, basis for kopanisti.

    Bowls surrounded by wooden twigs with tirovolia’ is a fresh cheese and is unsalted and creamy
  • Touloumisio

    Touloumisio: Matured in animal-skin bag, sheep/goat milk blend. Strong, spicy flavor. Creamy texture. Ideal table cheese, for salads, appetizers.

    animal-skin bag whereby the animal skins are turned inside-out so that their pelts are in contact with pieces of Greek 'Touloumisio’ cheese
  • Touloumotiri

    Touloumotiri: Unique cheese aged in animal-skin bag, mix of sheep and goat milk, strong flavor, creamy texture.

    animal-skin bag whereby the animal skins are turned inside-out so that their pelts are in contact with pieces of Greek ‘Touloumotiri’ cheese
  • Trahana

    Trahana: Ancient grain product, made with flour, semolina, milk or yogurt; versatile, quick-cooking pasta.

    Bowl and spoon with ‘trahana’ pasta has a granular and irregular shape|
  • Tsalafouti

    Tsalafouti: Seasonal spread cheese, sheep & goat milk, 10% fat; sour, salty, used in salads, desserts, with ouzo.

    Close-up of bowl with Greek ‘Tsalafouti’ is a soft
  • Tsigarides

    Tsigarides or Sisira: a Christmas delight from Syros, Andros, or Tinos. Pork skin cubes boiled and fried, a crunchy treat doused in lemon.

    small pieces of meet with fat in saucepan for cooked Greek ‘Tsigarides’
  • Tsikoudia

    Tsikoudia or Raki: Cretan delight distilled from pomace, potent and pure, enjoyed with traditional appetizers like potatoes and olives.

  • Tsiladia

    Tsiladia or Ziladia, a spicy appetizer with pork, cherished since Byzantine times. Stored in clay pots for winter, it balances spice with pork's richness.

    Close-up of ‘Tsiladia’ made with the meat from select parts of pork boiled with spices in gelatine
  • Tsipa

    Tsipa, sheep-goat milk crust, key in Cretan staka & stakovoutiro. Elevates regional dishes with unique, pleasant flavor.

  • Tsipouro

    Tsipouro: Greek grape marc spirit, aromatic and diverse. Enjoyed as an aperitif with appetizers or paired with rich meals.

    Close-up of bottle and glasses with Greek ‘Tsipouro’ is produced by distilling the grape
  • Tsirihta

    Tsirihta: Pontian crispy balls, akin to loukoumades but with sugar/honey. A treasured delicacy for Pontian children and weddings.

  • Tsoureki

    Tsoureki: Greek sweet bread, rich with milk, butter, and spices. Easter delight with braided or round shapes.

    Close-up of pieces of Greek ‘Tsoureki’ means sweet bread like cake covered with almonds
  • Tulumba

    Tulumba: Fried, syrup-soaked dessert, made from ridged dough. Sweet delight, enjoyed cold.

    Close-up of pieces of Greek ‘Tulumba’ is a deep-fried dessert soaked in syrup and made from dough
  • Tursi

    Tursi: Persian-inspired method preserving vegetables in vinegar, spices, creating a tangy, spicy flavor. A Lenten delicacy!

    Jars with Greek ‘tursi’ are pickles
  • Tzatziki

    Tzatziki: Greek appetizer with strained yogurt, cucumber, garlic, dill, and olive oil. Perfect for grilled meats or meze!

    Close-up of Greek ‘Tzatziki’ means yogurt with pieces of cucumber
  • Tzevremedes

    Tzevremedes: Cretan carnival treats - Filo pockets filled with anthotiro, enjoyed plain or syrupy, a sweet delight!

    Close-up of rows of rolls of Greek ‘Tzevremedes’ are made of filo filled with fresh cheese
  • Tzigerosarmas

    Tzigerosarmas: Thracian delight - Liver wrapped in suet, oven-baked for a juicy, flavorful treat.

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