Tirosalata: Feta delight, olive oil, pepper, garlic, oregano. Ideal meze, dip, or sandwich spread. Versatile and delicious.

Bowl with Greek ‘tirosalata’ is salad with feta cheese and olive oil

Tirosalata is one of the most popular appetizers and delicious side dishes for grilled meats! It is easily made for enjoyment as a meze with wine or ouzo.

We break down feta cheese with a fork and add olive oil, pepper and garlic, making a quick snack to spread on bread or paximadi. The main ingredient of tirosalata is, of course, feta cheese – preferably a mature one from the barrel, which has a more intense taste and mixes better with the aroma of olive oil and oregano and any other spices of our choice that we may wish to add.

We serve tirosalata as part of a variety of appetizers, as a side dish with grilled chicken, souvlaki and steak, or just on its own. It is also a great dip for grilled vegetables. Naturally, it is best enjoyed with fresh bread, even bread-sticks, paximadi, toasted bread, as a sandwich spread .

Aside from being a great appetizer, it’s also fantastic as a sandwich spread. Tirosalata can also be found as chtypiti usually with Florina peppers, or as tirokafteri, a popular variant mixed with the condiment bukovo (crushed red pepper) or with chili pepper.

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