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Paximadi, a humble Greek rusk, symbolizing resilience. Varieties from Crete, Kythera, Zakynthos with unique flavors. Perfect with salads or jams, a taste of tradition.

Greek ‘paximadi’

The paximadi (rusk) is a hard, dry biscuit of twice-baked bread. Its main ingredients are flour and water. It constitutes one of the most modest products of the Greek diet and is associated historically with periods of deprivation, austerity, and hunger.

It is today found in various forms, depending on the region of ​​Greece where it is prepared. In Crete, a sweet paximadi with yeast is made, while on the island of Kythera, it is made with yellow wheat flour which produces a bright color, or with olive oil which makes it soft. On the island of Zakynthos, paximadi is made with white or red wine, orange juice and black currants.

Sweet paximadi can also be prepared simply by adding more honey or sugar, a bit of ouzo and a spoon of anise.

It is the perfect accompaniment to salads, appetizers or jams and can be stored in an aerated, non-plastic bag or in a metal container, kept away from heat.

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