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Stifado: Hearty Greek stew, Venetian origin. Veal, onions, tomato sauce. Ideal with kritharaki, rice, or mashed potatoes.

Plate with Greek ‘Stifado’

Stifado, a meat stew with lots of onions and a rich, aromatic tomato sauce, is an ideal wintertime dish – but it is also perfect as a Sunday meal.

It originated with the Venetians, who brought it to Greece in the 13th century but initially as a stew without tomatoes, which did not exist in Greece at that time. Tomatoes arrived in Europe, including Greece, in the 16th century and were added to the recipe. Since then, they have become an established ingredient, with the sauce called kokkinisto.

According to tradition, stifado is made with veal and served with kritharaki, rice, hilopites or French fries. On cold winter days, stifado served with warm mashed potatoes is an ideal combination that makes for a rich, hearty meal. Fresh bread ready to dip into the aromatic tomato sauce is also highly recommended. If you like the rabbit, it can substitute for veal to make a very special dish.

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