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Vissinada: Summer delight! Refreshing sour cherry juice, ice-cold perfection. Also a sweet topping for desserts.

Close-up of glass with Greek ‘Vissinada’ means sour cherry juice and fresh heights in the background

Vissinada means “sour cherry juice”.

A refreshing, summertime beverage flavored by young, sour cherry juice is a wonderful concoction. Fresh cherries, sugar, some lemon and water, and a little vanilla produce the sour cherry syrup. In proportions of 1:4 or 1:3, depending on how thick the syrup is and how sweet you want the drink to be, the syrup is mixed with water in a large glass filled with ice to make one of the most enjoyable, tasty and aesthetically pleasing non-alcoholic drinks for quenching your thirst. A jug with ice-cold sour cherry juice is a delightful manifestation of dewy coolness and a far better drink that the ordinary canned beverage.

The sour cherry juice and moreover, the syrup has other uses as well. It can be used as a delicious and colorful garnish for ice cream, crêpes or fruit salads.


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