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Xinomizithra: Creamy Cretan cheese, blend of sheep’s and goat’s milk. Versatile for salads, tirosalata, and pitas.

Ceramic bowl with Greek ‘Xinomizithra’ is a spreadable cheese
Xinomizithra or Xinotiri

The roots of this traditional Cretan cheese are lost in time. It is a spreadable cheese that is produced by mixing sheep’s and goat’s milk, and has a pleasant, slightly sour taste. Xinomizithra comes in creamy varieties that are sometimes thicker and sometimes less thick. In olden times, it matured within the sheep’s or goat’s skin, giving it different names: anevato, dermatisio or touloumisio. Small differences in technique produce markedly different flavors and degrees of acidity.

By salting it we can keep it refrigerated for 15 days. If we want it hard, we can sprinkle it with fine salt when it has thickened in the mould, and is then placed in a plastic food wrapping in the refrigerator or hung in a shady place. It is preserved at low temperatures and it must be well covered if it is not consumed immediately.

Xinomizithra is suitable for salads or for preparing tirosalata for the table, usually with a little oil, pepper or oregano and for making pitas.

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