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Agoureleo is intensely green olive oil from unripe olives, offering unique bitterness, spiciness, and fruitiness due to its early harvest.

close-up of glass with agourelaio|

The term agoureleo designates the olive oil produced from unripe green olives. The chlorophyll of unripe olives gives the resulting olive oil an intense green color, as well as enhanced antioxidant properties and a taste that is more bitter, spicy and fruitier than that of extra virgin olive oil.

The olives are harvested in mid-October while they are still green and are processed on the same day or, at most, on the following day. The resulting bright-green olive oil is produced in limited quantities by only a few olive growers. It is usually brought to market in November and keeps its freshness and flavor characteristics for just 3 to 6 months after its production, after which its intensity diminishes, finally leaving us with ordinary olive oil.

A few drops of the juice of green, unripened olive gives dishes a fruity aroma, an attractive pungency and a spicy aftertaste. Used in small quantities, it is added as cooking reaches completion.


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