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Chloro: Santorini’s fresh cheese, soft and creamy, made in winter and spring. Slightly salty, often spiced, a culinary gem in the Cyclades.

Close-up of round pieces of Greek ‘Chloro’ a fresh cheese with a soft texture on wooden platter

Chloro (meaning fresh) is a fresh cheese with a soft texture and distinctive flavor. It is representative of the small cheese production industry of Santorini. Although its production is small, it can be found in supermarkets and other points of sale of traditional products where it can be acquired, usually for home use.

It is produced from sheep’s or goat’s milk during winter and spring, when there is plenty of grass for grazing. It is usually eaten fresh (thus, chloro), but can also be kept in brine until it hardens. When fresh, it has a soft creamy texture and a slightly salty, sour taste and is often spiced with coriander. When hardened, it is grated for use in cooking. As a dish you can savor it in the islands of the Cyclades.

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