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PRESS RELEASE: Great public response to the “Open Breweries 2023” of the members of the Hellenic Brewers Association

The Hellenic Brewers Association successfully concluded the “Open Breweries 2023” event, featuring public tours of breweries belonging to the Association across the country.

With enthusiastic participation, the Hellenic Brewers Association successfully concluded the “Open Breweries 2023” event for the fourth consecutive year, featuring public tours of breweries belonging to the Association across the country.

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Consumers enthusiastically answered the call from the Hellenic Brewers Association’s members and visited their chosen breweries during the “Open Breweries 2023” event held on the weekend of September 30th and October 1st, 2023. Visitors of all ages swarmed the breweries, displaying great curiosity about beer. They inundated brewers with questions about the beer production process, its various types, and categories.

Mr. S. Panagiotou, President of the Hellenic Brewers Association, expressed his gratitude, stating, “We extend our heartfelt thanks to the public for their overwhelming turnout at breweries throughout the country and their genuine interest in getting to know our products and the individuals behind them. Events like these are essential for nurturing beer culture, and the industry’s recent growth indicates that informed consumers are actively seeking more knowledge. This year’s extraordinary response from the public is a delightful surprise and underscores our industry’s responsibility to create additional initiatives that promote beer culture.”

The “Open Breweries” event will become an annual tradition, taking place on the last weekend of September. However, our connection with our beloved beverage will continue throughout the year.

The Hellenic Brewers Association’s members simultaneously opened their doors in various regions of Greece, offering guided tours and tastings with free admission. Beer enthusiasts, and even those less acquainted with the brew, participated in the cooperating breweries’ events, enjoying a comprehensive beer experience that involved sampling both familiar and new beers across various categories.

The ‘Open Breweries’ initiative aims to acquaint consumers with the world of beer, educate them about the beer production process, introduce them to raw materials, and facilitate direct interaction with the brewers themselves, the creative minds behind these products.

Participating breweries from the Hellenic Brewers Association for the 2023 event included:

  • Athenian Brewery (Locations in Attica, Patras, and Thessaloniki)
  • Elixis Microbrewery (Drosia Chalkida, Evia, Greece)
  • Pinios Brewery (Larissa, Droshka, Drosala, Greece)
  • Cretan Breweries – Zidianakis (Heraklion, Crete)
  • Cretan Brewery (Chania, Crete)
  • Microbrewery of Cyclades in Tinos (Tinos)
  • Microbrewery Local Streets Beer (Volos)
  • Septem Microbrewery (Orology of Avlonari, D. Kymi-Aliveri, Evia)
  • Olympic Brewery (Ritsona, Evia)
  • Siris Craft Brewery (Serres)

The Hellenic Brewers Association and its members extend their sincere appreciation to all who participated with warmth and genuine interest in the event, sharing their love for beer. They eagerly anticipate the next gathering on the last weekend of September 2024.

A Brief Overview of the Hellenic Brewers Association: The Hellenic Brewers Association, established in 2004, currently comprises 17 members, representing both large and small breweries equally. The Association’s mission is to support breweries operating in Greece, enabling them to produce and market beer freely, competitively, responsibly, and within legal boundaries while respecting consumers, society, and the environment.

The Association aims to establish a model that enhances competitiveness, fosters beer culture, ensures product safety, advocates for legislative reforms and modernization, promotes internationalization and domestic beer production, and significantly contributes to the sector’s growth and the country’s economic development.

For additional information, please contact:

Ms. Kelly Tsichli, Hellenic Brewers Association Tel: 698 1499350 Email: [email protected] Website:

Or: Ms. Katerina Christopoulou, V&O Communications Tel: 210 7249000 / 6936 750451 Email: [email protected]

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