Still a virgin territory for tourists. Isolated with its turquoise marine park beloved by seals, it is a pure paradise of pine trees. Alonnisos is a green paradise, with gorgeous beaches and creeks with thick vegetation that reaches its shores.

Alonnisos is famed for its National Ocean Park, a unique habitat that hosts many varieties of flora and fauna, such as the Mediterranean seal (Monachus Monachus). Daytrips are frequently organized for areas of the park accessible to the public. There you can swim, dive or hike and observe the wildlife and the impressive landscape. Fresh fish, and in particular its famed tuna gratify the most demanding palette. The popular fish soup, astakomakaronada, the tiropita of Alonnisos and the local sweets make a visit worthwhile. The fresh fish are a daily delight while the kakavia soup wafts through the air. Do not omit to taste the desserts such as rizogalo,a sweet rice pudding topped with cinnamon,  karydopita, amygdalota, and loukoumades.

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