How Gastronomy Tours works

The booking process

The interested party chooses to visit a producer or a museum depending on:

  • The type of product (wine, honey, olive oil, etc.)
  • The region (Attica, Peloponnese, Thessaly, etc.) or through a map showing all the producers.
  • The month of the visit
  • The name of the company

The platform displays a series of producers that match the user’s selections, and the user chooses based on the profile of each producer, which presents information on the experiences offered.

If the user makes a reservation with the producer he is interested in, he pays the reservation fee to Gastronomy Tours online.

The producer then receives an email (and a text message if he so wishes) informing him that someone made a reservation for a certain number of visitors, day and time. The producer must respond within 24 hours at the latest, otherwise the visitor will receive an automated message that the producer is not available.

If the producer accepts the reservation by clicking “Accept request” in response to the above email/text message, the visitor will receive an electronic coupon with the reservation details which will be used as proof of the reservation, delivers it to the producer upon arrival, and pays the cost of the tour or activity directly to the producer.

The producer has also the possibility to request an advance payment from the visitor, which is deposited to a Gastronomy Tours account first and will be then transferred to the producer’s account a few days after the visit, charging the producer 2.0€/person.

Should the visitor make purchases from the producer, then the producer must provide a discount of 3.00€/person for purchases over 15€/person, i.e. the reservation fee, or a discount of 15% for purchases over 20€/person.

In case the producer does not wish to accept the reservation, he presses “Reject request” and the visitor receives an email informing him that the producer is not available. The amount he had deposited during the reservation is then automatically and immediately refunded to him.

However, the producer has the option to send a message to the visitor with a proposal to accept the visit at another time. If this proposal suits the visitor, then the visitor can make a new request with the proposal as suggested by the producer.

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