How Gastronomy Tours works with Producers

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The booking process

Users choose between Producers according to:

  • The type of product (wine, honey, olive oil, etc.)
  • The Destination (Attica, Peloponnese, Thessaly, etc.) or through a map showing all the associated parties.
  • The month of the visit

The platform displays a series of producers that match the users’ selections and make their choice based on the Producer’s profile.

To make a request, users pay a reservation fee to Gastronomy Tours online which is refunded immediately if the request is rejected.

The Producer then receives an email and eventually a text message, informing that someone made a reservation for a certain number of visitors, day, and time. The Producer must respond within 24 hours at the latest, otherwise, the visitor will receive an automated message that the Producer is not available.

If the Producer accepts the request by clicking “Accept request” in response to the above email/text message, the visitor will receive an e-mail with the reservation details which will be used as proof of the reservation, delivers to the Producer upon arrival, and pays the cost of the tour or activity directly to the Producer.

The Producer has also the possibility to request an advance payment from the visitor, which is deposited to a Gastronomy Tours account first and will be then transferred to the Producer’s account a few days after the visit, charging the Producer 2.0€/person.

In case the Producer does not wish to accept the request, by pressing “Reject request” the visitor will receive an email informing him that the Producer is not available. The amount he deposited during the reservation is then immediately refunded.

In case the producer rejects a booking request for non-availability, the producer can send an email to Gastronomy Tours with two alternative dates and time that is available, in order to inform the guest and make a new request.

Should the visitor make purchases from the Producer, then the Producer must provide a discount of 10% for purchases over 30€/person, or another type of discount according to the producer’s discount policy that will be agreed upon with Gastronomy Tours.

To see the full Terms of cooperation between Gastronomy Tours and Producers press here.

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