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Our apiary lies on a hill southwest of Kranidi, overlooking the beautiful bay of Kilada, as we follow the family tradition in apiculture with passion for the bees and their products from generation to generation since 1914.
We ourselves are the fourth generation of apiarists, keeping the tradition alive. Our long bee-keeping experience led my wife and me to more professional involvement, as we established the first honey and herb packaging company in Argolis in 2007.
Our brand name “Ermionis” was established in 2008, and all our honey and herb products have been promoted and distributed to the local market under that name since then.
Our firm has been applying the ISO 22000 original food safety system since the very beginning, and our farm, where our bees grow and reproduce and where our herbs are cultivated, has been certified as an organic farm by ΔΗΩ institution (the Greek institution for the certification of organic products). Our business gradually expanded, and now it includes a Bee Museum, where visitors can come in immediate contact with the bee world. Today, the company is a model unit of production and packaging, while our honey is assessed for its purity and freshness by an accredited body every year. From the beginning of our operations to the present day, we continue to strive and evolve to the best of our ability, offering high-quality products consistently and responsibly.


Visitors of our farm have the opportunity to commune with nature on a farm filled with beehives, herbs, olive, carob, and pomegranate trees.
After the tour, the guests sit in the specially designed outdoor area overlooking the sea and taste the four varieties of honey we produce (thyme honey, honey of aromatic plants and thyme, honey of heather and carob) accompanied by kneaded bread, and tea from the herbs that grow on our estate.


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Honey, pollen, royal jelly, aromatic herbs, natural bee wax, propolis, natural cell regeneration cream, natural soap with honey, lip balm, natural salt, natural salt with herbs
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