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About Gastronomy Tours

The Project

Gastronomy Tours’ project started with the idea to expand the concept of wine tourism, a universal and very successful practice that brings wine lovers close to wineries, and developing this experience with discerning food and wine lovers so as to bring them close to producers of gastronomic delights.

The content of Gastronomy Tours is the result of extensive research, documentation, and meetings with producers and businesses from all over Greece, an ongoing project frequently enriched with new additions.

Gastronomy Tours is a unique guide designed to showcase those producers and businesses of gastronomic products which are open to visitors. It also helps food lovers to experience the local culture, customs, and traditions through the universal language of gastronomy, including an annual calendar of cultural events relating to gastronomy and a glossary to familiarize the visitor with gastronomic terms.

The Gastronomy Tours mobile application, which you can download for free, is a useful tool that will enable you to find the producers closest to your location while touring, book your visits, and guide you there!

How it works

Select the producer you want to visit by:

• Location
• Product type
• Preferred date and time of your visit
• Price of the visit

Book your visit and pay the reservation fee to Gastronomy Tours.

Save your voucher, present it on the day of your visit to the producer, pay the in-destination price, and enjoy the tour;

Make your purchases from the producer and benefit from your voucher special discounts;

Need more details about the booking process?
Go to “About” of the main menu and then FAQ for visitors.

Let us know about your experience with Gastronomy Tours.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Visitors

Once you select the producer you wish to visit, click the “Book Now” button, and pay your reservation fee to Gastronomy Tours.

The reservation fee/person is charged by Gastronomy Tours, not by the producer, to cover administrative and promotional expenses, and can be refunded for visits or activities to producers with retail shops in the form of a discount on purchases of more than 15€/person or of a 15% discount on purchases of more than 20€/person.

Within 24 hours, you will receive an email confirmation from the producer with your booking voucher and useful details for your visit. Should the producer turn out to be unavailable at the desired date or time of your visit you will receive an email notifying you of this, and the reservation fee will immediately be credited back to your account.

When you arrive at the producer’s site, please present the voucher as a confirmation of your booking and pay the “in-destination” sum shown in the booking summary when booking, and as indicated on your voucher.

To make reservations for accommodation at producers offering overnight stays, you can find all the required information in a platform special to that purpose and as indicated in the producer’s profile, and from where you may proceed with the accommodation arrangements.

In making any payment in relation to Gastronomy Tours, the user agrees that all credit card information and any other payment or personal information provided necessary to make payments is handled by Stripe Payments (Stripe). Stripe’s privacy policy can be found here.

With the usual credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Paypal or with debit cards.

You are entitled to cancel a booking for a visit at any time within 14 days but not later than 72 hours before your scheduled visit; the 14 days period beginning on the day you receive the Confirmation e-mail/Voucher from the Producer. You are entitled to cancel a booking for activities not later than 7 days before the scheduled activity. In this case, you will receive a full refund of any sums you have paid at the same price as that of the initial charging. There is no refund if the reservation for a visit is canceled later than 14 days as from Confirmation Order or later than 72 hours before your scheduled visit. There is no refund if the reservation for an activity is canceled later than 14 days as from Confirmation Order or later than 7 days before the scheduled activity; for canceling of an activity up to 3 days before the scheduled date only 50% will be refunded. If you would like to cancel, we kindly request you to send an email to and state that you wish to cancel your order or a part of your Order. Gastronomy Tours does not guarantee any refund outside the permitted cancellation period as stated above.

If the producer cancels your booking, we will refund the voucher value.

You can change your reservation free of charge if the change is made 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

The amount of the Reservation Deposit shall not be charged to your credit card until you receive a Confirmation Order of your booking; only the credit limit of your card shall be reduced by the corresponding amount of the Reservation Deposit. Your account will be debited as soon as the producer accepts your request for the visit or the participation in an activity you have applied for.

Please contact within 30 minutes of your scheduled appointment and we will refund the voucher value and offer you another free reservation of your choice. You will also get credited at your credit card 25€/person as compensation for your inconvenience.

The voucher for the visit or the activity in the cost of 15%, with a minimum of 3€, covers the booking fee and can be used as a discount of 3€/person for purchases from the producer over 15€ or of a 15% for purchases over 20€. Ν.Β. The price of the visit or the activity charged by the producer is separate.

This includes a reservation fee charged by Gastronomy Tours plus the cost of the visit charged by the producer.

For Producers

Anyone who owns a business that produces gastronomic products and who wishes to provide visitors with guided tours, tasting sessions and eventually activities related to the production process.

Email us at with all the details of the new activity along with a sample photo or any changes you wish to make and we will update your profile.

Email at the material you wish to delete and we will make the requested changes.

We choose some photos and videos from the ones you provide us during your registration, and we present them to you. If you agree we post them.

The team of is in charge of your page. We write the content about your company and your activities with the information you provide us. Then, you confirm your agreement or if you have some modification to do, we update it and we post it online. cannot guarantee that the visitor will show up and therefore bears no responsibility.

Registering and participating on the website is free. Nevertheless, a cost of 120€ annually applies for participating in the mobile application or a cost of 90€ if the producer adds on his website the Gastronomy Tours “Book your visit” badge that will help visitors to book their visit to the producer.

Producers must:

Inform Gastronomy Tours about changes they want to make in their profile (in the presentation text, in the tasting sessions, schedules, price list, activities, etc.)

Respond within 24 hours to requests for reservations, given that after 24 hours with no response the prospective visitor will receive a message that the producer is not available.

Present to the visitor the program reserved by the visitor and receive the agreed monetary amount.

If the visitor makes purchases from the producer worth more than 15€ / person then the producer is obliged to make a discount equal to 3€ / person from the visitor’s purchases account or to provide him/her with a minimum discount of 15% if his/her purchases exceed 20€.

The full text of the terms of cooperation as well as the appendix concerning the terms of use of personal data which should be accepted by the producer if he wishes to participate in can be seen by clicking here.

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