Alexandroupoli is one of the more recent cities of Greece, built on a crossroads of sea and land uniting Europe and Asia.

It began as a simple fishing village in the mid-19th century and is today the largest city in Thrace by population and expanse.

The city’s symbol is the Lighthouse, recognized as a cultural heritage monument, which lies on the west side of the harbor. It began operations in 1880 in order to support the navigation of the Hellespont.


The area of ​​the Thracian Sea around Alexandroupolis and the mouth of the Evros is surprisingly rich in catches. This is easily witnessed by the wide variety of fish appetizers and seafood in the fish taverns of Alexandroupolis.
On the other hand Alexandroupolis has a long tradition in meat processing, with local livestock units and a passion to create genuine cured meats, unique kavourma, delicious sausages and meat products of superb quality, unique gastronomic delights from excellent local meat.
However, the most important local product is the olive oil produced from the centuries-old olive grove of Makri not far from Alexandroupoli.

Visitors of the region have the opportunity to try the famous local pita, the local cold cuts such as kavourma the local pasta gioufkades, dairy, local meats, and traditional dishes.
Lahania (zygouri, young kid or beef cooked with cabbage, tomatoes and red hot pepper), tzigerosarmas (rice, lamb livers, chives, onions, and herbs wrapped in lamb suet – usually cooked during Easter) and kavourma, plain or with eggs, are the most famous of the delicacies of the area. If you find fried vato (a fish akin to skate) at a restaurant, try it together with skordalia.

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