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Kavourma is a traditional Greek delicacy, made by slow-cooking and spicing meat, then preserving it in its own fat. Enjoy it as an appetizer or flavoring.


Kavourma literally means ‘roasted’, the word deriving from the Turkish word kavurmak. In Greek, it would refer to simmering, slow-roasting or cooking while stirring constantly. It is a traditional product, something between freshly cooked and delicatessen meat and has won a place of distinction as one of the most delicious Greek dishes.

Kavourma is a traditional delicatessen product of the regions Macedonia and Thrace.

The meat is initially salted to dry it out and then cooked over low heat with spices (nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, cloves) and simmered with fat. Afterward, it is kept in containers covered in its own fat, when cooked at home, or packaged in the shape of a tube.

Kavourmas has a solid texture and is cut into slices. It is a very tasty and savory specialist product whose high price is justified by the complex preparation process.
It is prepared in cylindrical sticks and is available in different versions: with lean beef, with lamb whose fat content gives it a more concentrated flavor, or with a mixture of pork and beef. It is also can be spicy with the addition of leeks and a variety of herbs. It can be eaten plain, but ideally should be heated first. It goes well with vegetables and pickles and can be served cold or hot.

It has a distinct flavor and is an appetizer for real connoisseurs. It is eaten in small bite-sized pieces along with red wine, tsipouro, or ouzo. It also adds originality, flavor, and aroma to pasta, pita, saganaki, and scrambled eggs.


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