Plan your gastronomic visit to Athens including visits to producers, walking food tours, cooking lessons and day trips related to gastronomy

What’s the cost for joining Gastronomy Tours?

Producers must:

Inform Gastronomy Tours about changes they want to make in their profile (in the presentation text, in the tasting sessions, schedules, price list, activities, etc.)

Respond within 24 hours to requests for reservations, given that after 24 hours with no response the prospective visitor will receive a message that the producer is not available.

Present to the visitor the program reserved by the visitor and receive the agreed monetary amount.

If the visitor makes purchases from the producer worth more than 15€ / person then the producer is obliged to make a discount equal to 3€ / person from the visitor’s purchases account or to provide him/her with a minimum discount of 15% if his/her purchases exceed 20€.

The full text of the terms of cooperation between Gastronomy Tours and the producers, as well as the appendix concerning the terms of use of personal data which should be accepted by the producers if they wishe to participate in can be seen by clicking here.

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