Greek Strapatsada mixing from tomatoes with eggs and feta cheese beaten together and baked in a pan

Tomatoes with eggs and feta cheese beaten together and baked in a pan create the main course that is called strapatsada or kagianas. Classic, extremely tasty and prepared mainly during […]

Kaimaki ice cream

close-up of Greek ‘Kaimaki’ ice cream like vanilla ice cream with heights syrup on top

Kaimaki ice cream was one of the first kinds of ice cream to come in Greece during the 60’s and is one of the most popular tastes of ice cream in the country. White […]


plate with Greek ‘Kakavia’ means soup with boiled onions, fish and carrots

In ancient times, a small ship or hospitable shore must have been the birthplace of the first fisherman’s soup. Called kakavia from the word kakavi, the name in ancient Greek […]

Kalathaki of Lemnos

close-up of pieces of Greek ‘Kalathaki of Lemnos’ is a white, briny, wheel-shaped cheese and dry breads on wooden platter

Lemnos is among the few islands of the Aegean whose inhabitants are occupied more with livestock farming and agricultural cultivation than with the sea. To be sure, its plains and […]


close-up of cutted fresh Greek ‘Kalfa’ is a green that has the appearance of thick, long stalks of asparagus

Kalfa is a green that has the appearance of thick, long stalks of asparagus. It is popular on the islands of Andros, Mykonos, Paros and Tinos. This particular plant has […]


close-up of sweet Greek ‘kalitsounia’ like small cheese pies baked in oven

Lichnarakia Kalitsounia is one of the most famous and beloved sweets of Crete, and the Easter sweet par excellence. Nowadays, it is appreciated on any feast day of the year. […]


close-up of cinnamon sticks in two glasses with ‘kanelada’ red drink and surrounded it

A hot drink, found on the islands of Kos and Crete, and mainly imbibed during the winter months. It is prepared with sugar, water, cinnamon, and a few cloves. Put […]


Kangiofoles or Topinambur The kangiofoles, otherwise known as topinambur, refers to the Jerusalem artichoke, and the paradox is that it is neither an artichoke nor has anything to do with […]


close-up of plate with Greek ‘Karavoli’ food cooked with tomatoes sauce

Karavoli (snails) have become familiar as a delicious meze. The karavoli are collected from around the “xerolithia” (stone hedgerows, which are the traditional land-dividers in the Greek countryside), or thyme […]


close-up of Greek sweet balls ‘Karidota’ covered with sugar powder

Karidota is a traditional sweet made with crushed walnuts, orange flavoring and anthonero scent. It can be found all over Greece in a number of variations. Karidota is a nutritious […]


Woman holding a pumpkin with kariki cheese and showing at the camera

One of the rarest and most special cheeses in Greece. It matures in pumpkins (kariki) during which a natural fungus enters the cheese, making it one of the few naturally […]


close-up of pieces of Greek ‘Karpοuzenia’ means watermelon pie

Karpouzenia or Karpouzopita  Karpοuzenia (watermelon pie), with its aromatic sweetness, highlights the mornings and evenings on the island of Milos. Watermelon, with its particular delicate taste, dehydrates while it is baked and […]