Close-up of piece and slices of bottarga and black grapes in the background

Bottarga or Avgotaraho Avgotaraho is Greece’s answer to caviar. It’s a product of high nutritional value, strong flavour, and protracted aftertaste. The velvetier its texture, the richer it is nutritionally. […]


Close-up of plateau with ‘boubouristi’ means snails fried in olive oil with fresh rosemary

Bourbouristi or Chochli Among the basic dishes of the Cretan cuisine, chochli or snails are among the most delicious. Try the boubouristi (top photo) version fried in olive oil and then […]


Close-up of pieces of ‘Bougatsa’ means filo dough with white cream on wood surface and one of the piece is on top of others

Bougatsa is a pastry product that uses the filo to make pita. It is made as a layer of filo, a layer of filling, and another layer of filo. Initially, […]


Close-up of pieces on top of each others of ‘Boureki’ as a pita baked in a large pan with sesame seeds and then cut into smaller serving portions

Boureki is a type of pastry made with the thin sheets of dough called filo. Boureki is baked either as an individual serving called bourekaki or as a pita baked […]