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Tselepos Winery




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Seeking the right location, Υiannis and Amalia Tselepos chose the earthy foothills of historic Mount Parnon to plant vineyards and establish Tselepos Estate in 1989.
Yiannis Tselepos studied oenology at the University of Dijon, from where he graduated in 1979. After working for two years at wineries in Burgundy, he settled in Mantinia in 1981 where he has been regularly making wines ever since. The region, whose exceptional climatic conditions are its inland climate and stony-clay soils, was selected for its ability to produce high-quality wines. It is no coincidence that the first winery to vinify the moschofilero variety was founded in this same region.
The estate’s central philosophy is to promote the varietal potential of the Peloponnesian vineyard, with the Greek moschofilero and agiorgitiko varieties, both in Greece and abroad.
With the purchase of Driopi Estate and its vineyard in Koutsi at Nemea, Tselepos Estate now cultivates 50 Ha of privately-owned vineyards and 20 hectares of vineyards of cooperating producers.
The first wine, Mantinia PDO, was launched in 1991 and was followed a few years later by wines based on cosmopolitan vine varieties.
The yield of the winery has gradually grown, with production reaching 450,000 bottles per year, with 40% of the production being exported, mainly to China, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Cyprus, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.
Following thirty creative years, the second generation of Tselepos Estate is ready to lead it into a new era. Equipped with high-level training and education, but especially with passion and fresh perspectives in tandem with the valuable experience and guidance of the older generation, the new generation promises to even greater prominence to the Estate’s quality wines whilst pursuing their vision of producing great Greek wines.


Visitors will be conducted through the winery and aging cellar, where they will learn about the winery’s history and the region. After touring the vineyards, they will arrive at the chapel of St. Triphonas, the highest point of the vineyard overlooking the plateau of Mantineia.
They will also have the opportunity to taste wines in the tasting room, sampling the whole range of wines we produce.


Booking Options

  • Tour and Introductory Wine Tasting

    Tour of the winery and the vineyards.
    Wine tasting of five wines, introducing the wine-taster to our classic brands, representative of our Estate’s philosophy.
    The wine tasting includes:
    • Amalia Brut
    • Mantinia 2022
    • Driopi Rosé 2022*
    • Nemea Classic 2020
    • Deux Collines 2020
    *The wine tasting experience is accompanied by a cheese platter

  • Premium Tour and Tasting

    Tour of the winery and the vineyards.
    Wine tasting of five wines from the premium serie. Visitors can taste 5 of the most delicate and unique single-variety wines. In particular:
    • Αmalia Vintage 2018
    • Blanc de Gris 2020
    • Santorini 2021
    • Ktima Driopi Reserve 2019
    • Avlotopi 2019 Kokkinomilos 2020
    *The wine tasting is accompanied by a cheese platter.

  • Tour and Οld Vintage Wine Tasting

    Wine-tasting of 5 wines. Visitors get the chance to take a trip back in time and try some of the most iconic vintages of the Ktima.
    The tasting is accompanied by a cheese and cold cuts platter.
    More specifically, the tasting includes the following wines:
    • Amalia Vintage 2015
    • Blanc de Gris 2015
    • Santorini 2017
    • Ktima Driopi Reserve 2013
    • Kokinomilos 2013 or Avlotopi 2014

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