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The Evritika Kelaria (Cellars of Evros) is located at the confluence of two large rivers, the Evros and Arda, on the northeasternmost side of Greece, opposite the Turkish town of Adrianople and 25km North of Orestiada. It is built on a low hill where the company vineyards lie on its southern slopes.
The history of the region stretches back to ancient times, due to its function as a passage between West and East. Evidence for this status is provided by archaeological findings.
The view between the two rivers is unique as it stretches in front of a large plain that changes color by season: green in the spring, yellow in the summer, brown in autumn, and sometimes white in the winter. Close to the village of Marasia, the Evros, Arda, and Tountzas rivers converge. There, according to mythology, Orestes was sent by Pythia to purge himself of the Erinnyes (Furies) who were pursuing him; he was told to wash in a place where three rivers join, a very rare phenomenon.
We produce our famous “Onar”, “Orpheus” and “Enigma” wines using carefully chosen varieties and with a passion for quality. We also produce our renowned retsina with selected grapes and our traditional ouzo and tsipouro from a recipe well preserved for the last 40 years.
Beginning operations in 2004, our modern facilities have secured all the relevant safety and quality certificates from the European Union. In 2009, we expanded our unit with additional new tanks and machinery, paving the way for tomorrow and overseas.
Our goal is to offer unique flavors by combining traditional techniques and 50 years of experience with the help of modern technology, always focusing on “your delight” and “our pleasure” … because this is what a quality product is about.


Visitors will be taken on a tour of the winery’s modern facilities, the traditional wine cellar with the oak barrels as well as a small museum with a traditional fireplace and the old agricultural tools with the traditional distillation alembics. From the balcony, the visitor can look out on our vineyards and the valley with the Arda River, They will then visit the distillery to witness the production process of the double-distilled tsipοuro in the traditional bronze, stone-built alembics and learn about the production methods of the spirits we produce.
The tour ends with a presentation of our products and a tasting session.

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