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Terms of Cooperation between Gastronomy Tours and the Restaurants

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(June 2022)

1. The company with the name “A&R GREEK LIFE SRL” based in Bucharest, Romania, Splaiul Unirii street no. 4, with VAT number RO42268964, legally represented [hereinafter “GASTRONOMY TOURS” or “GT”] operates an online store for the promotion of gastronomic products and Producers of gastronomic products, Museums of culinary interest, proposes excursions that also include visits to producers or museums of culinary products, restaurants proposing a specific gastronomic menu, performs reservations, and operates and offers a web application and an application for Android and iOS mobile phones (hereinafter “website” or “platform”).

2. The Restaurants that co-operate with GASTRONOMY TOURS appear under a separate profile in the web site of GASTRONOMY TOURS.

3. The RESTAURANT’S profile includes information about their services they provide to their CLIENTS, indicatively photographs, descriptions, artwork and videos submitted by the RESTAURANTS to GASTRONOMY TOURS. RESTAURANTS guarantee the correctness of the material submitted to be presented in their profile, and that they either own or have the full rights to provide the said material to GASTRONOMY TOURS, and to publish it.  RESTAURANTS also have the possibility to amend and modify their published material whenever they so wish by notifying GASTRONOMY TOURS by electronic message (e-mail) to [email protected] so that the RESTAURANT’S profile can thus be updated. RESTAURANTS will also provide their pricelist to GASTRONOMY TOURS, and this pricelist will be included in their profile.

In such cases where a RESTAURANT modifies or cancels any of their services offered without notifying GASTRONOMY TOURS, the RESTAURANT is still obliged to honor all requests that the RESTAURANT has agreed to under the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of the acceptance of the request(s).

The RESTAURANTS guarantee the validity and accuracy of their pricelist, and the latter cannot be modified without prior notification to GASTRONOMY TOURS

Gastronomy Tours may, at its sole discretion, refuse and/or make such changes to the material submitted by the RESTAURANTS for their profiles so as to ensure the material’s suitability, mainly in terms of phrasing, for use in the Platform.

4. a) RESTAURANTS participate in the GASTRONOMY TOURS website free of charge with the “Bronze” subscription and limited services, while the “Silver” and “Gold” subscription offer upgraded services as mentioned in the table below.

Bronze Subscription0€ /year
– Participation in the Gastronomy tours website
– Enabled online reservations
– No participation in the application for Android and iOS mobile devices.
– No possibility for promotion in privileged spaces neither on the website
nor in the mobile applications. 
Silver Subscription120€ /year
– Participation in the Gastronomy tours website
– Enabled online reservations
– Participation in the mobile applications for Android and iOS mobile devices
– Two free press releases per year presented to the Gastronomy Tours social
media and its blog.
– Enabled promotion in a privileged position in both the website and the
mobile applications
Gold Subscription90€ /year
– As in the “Silver” subscription but with four free press releases
per year presented to the Gastronomy Tours social media and its blog. 
– Prerequisite: the inclusion of the Gastronomy Tours Trademark
(book your visit or GT member) in the PRODUCERS’s website that
you can find here.
Price List of Promotional Services 
Present the RESTAURANT profile in the featured spaces on the front page of Gastronomy Tours.   200 € /month (From October to April),
300 €/month (From April to October)
Present your company profile in the featured spaces of the restaurant category of Gastronomy Tours.   100 € /month (From October to April),
150 €/month (From April to October)
Presented in the featured spaces of each destination of Gastronomy Tours.   50 € /month (From October to April),
75 €/month (From April to October)
Posting a press release on social media and Blog of€

b) GASTRONOMY TOURS is paid for bookings or activities to the RESTAURANTS directly by the visitor with an amount equal to 15% of the value of the gastronomic menu price per person, or of the entire reservation and with a minimum amount of €3 per person. Upon completion of the reservation, GASTRONOMY TOURS issues a coupon and sends it to the person that made the reservation, who must present it to the RESTAURANT as proof of the reservation.

5. Visitors pay the agreed amount for the gastronomic menu or activity for which they have booked to Gastronomy Tours’ account and withholds 15% as its fee. Gastronomy Tours then pays the RESTAURANT within a week after the visit to the restaurant.

Should the RESTAURANTS wish to collect in advance part or the entire amount, i.e. from 85% of this value according to the foregoing, GASTRONOMY TOURS provides the possibility for this collection to be effected through its platform in the account of GASTRONOMY TOURS at the time of the reservation.  GASTRONOMY TOURS then pays this amount to the RESTAURANT within 7 days from the completion of the activity whilst retaining as a fee the amount of € 2 per visitor.

6. RESTAURANTS undertake to reply to reservation requests with a message of acceptance of refusal within 24 hours of the request’s receipt, failing which an automated message will be sent to the Visitor that the RESTAURANT is not available.

7. Visitors have the right to cancel their reservation at any time as for the activity within 14 days from the from the date of confirmation of their reservation and up to 7 days before the date of the visit/activity, and GASTRONOMY TOURS undertakes to refund to the Visitors all amounts paid by them. In this case, the RESTAURANTS have no claim against GASTRONOMY TOURS and the Visitors.

Should the Visitors cancel the visit and/or activity with delay (i.e. not in adherence to the foregoing cancellation period) or they do not show up on the agreed reserved date, the PRODUCERS will raise no claim against GASTRONOMY TOURS unless this concerns an activity for which the Visitor has prepaid the reservation in part or in total, as per Term number 5 above. In this latter case, GASTRONOMY TOURS shall refund the prepaid amount to the RESTAURANT within 7 days from the date of the programmed activity, deducting € 2 per Visitor as a fee.

8. RESTAURANTS who cancel a reservation due to force majeure or for reasons they could not have foreseen or prevented shall inform GASTRONOMY TOURS of the cancellation at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of the programmed visit/activity and, should they so wish, suggest a change of date for the visit/activity, provided that this is accepted by the Visitors, else  GASTRONOMY TOURS and the RESTAURANT shall refund whatever amount they have collected from the Visitors, whilst the RESTAURANT agree to render GASTRONOMY TOURS harmless of any related claims.

9. RESTURANTS can terminate their co-operation with GASTRONOMY TOURS by lodging an advance notice of one (1) month and provided all visits/activities booked via the Platform of GASTRONOMY TOURS have taken place. Similarly, GASTRONOMY TOURS may terminate its co-operation with RESTURANTS but without prior notice of termination should the RESTURANT be in breach of their obligations.

Should the RESTURANT cancel a reservation for reasons other than those mentioned in the preceding paragraph GASTRONOMY TOURS is obliged to refund to the Visitors any amount it may have collected, whilst the RESTAURANT shall compensate GASTRONOMY TOURS with the amount of € 25 per Visitor. RESTURANTS also assume the obligation to make good any damage and loss sustained by GASTRONOMY TOURS, including non-pecuniary harm. In addition, GASTRONOMY TOURS may, at its discretion, discontinue its co-operation with the RESTURANT involved and delete their profile from the Platform.

10. Within the framework of their co-operation both GASTRONOMY TOURS and RESTAURANTS process data of personal nature related to the representatives of wither party, to their personnel and to the Visitors. GASTRONOMY TOURS hereby informs that the personal data it processes belong to the Romanian company under the name «A&R GREEK LIFE SRL» with head office in Bucharest, Romania, at 4, Splaiul Unirii st. (Data Processing Manager). PRODUCERS shall inform GASTRONOMY TOURS of the identity and contact details of their Data Processing Manager also during their agreeing to the present Terms and Conditions, else no co-operation between GASTRONOMY TOURS and the Producers will be in force. The processing of data by both contracting parties is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of the European Union (GDPR) and the national legislation in force for the protection of personal data.

11. The Parties confirm that they fully comply with their obligations as described and enforced by GDPR and the current national legislation for the protection of personal data.

13. GASTRONOMY TOURS has, at any time and using any means, the right to assign either part or the complete set of its rights and obligations which derive from the present to any third party and will notify the RESTURANT to that effect in writing.

14. For any disputes resulting from the co-operation between GASTRONOMY TOURS and RESTAURANTS, Hellenic and Union Law is applicable, and the courts of Athens are designated as the competent courts to resolve such disputes.

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