Syros is one of the most impressive islands of the Cyclades. It’s a destination with rich history and unique attractions. Syros is a cosmopolitan island with marvelous architecture and beautiful beaches. 

Syros is the most populated island of the Cycladic group and it has seen tremendous cultural and financial growth. Ermoupoli, the island capital, is a majestic town with a distinct character that is not to be found anywhere else in Greece. There are charming mansions, imposing buildings, and a vibrant atmosphere. It is an authentic gem of the Aegean Sea!

Syros has a long history. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times and it has been an industrial, nautical, and cultural center of Greece throughout the years. Its multifaceted history is visible in the multitude of important sites and museums, as well as beautiful monuments.

Syros is also known for its beautiful beaches, quaint towns and villages, untouched nature, local delicacies, and Roman Catholic Church ties. Moreover, Syros is particularly important for culture in Greece, as well as for its gastronomy.

When in Syros, you can try delicious local dishes and superb quality products. Here’s what to eat in Syros:

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