Poros is a lush green island in the Saronic Gulf, separated from the coast of the Peloponnese by a channel that is just 350 meters wide at its narrowest point and then opens out into a lagoon. Its distinctive geography, which gives it the feel of a Little Venice, has led it to be known as the “Bosporus of the Saronic Gulf”.

Poros is actually two islands: the rocky Sphairia, where Poros Town, with its tiers of superb neoclassical buildings, is situated, and the pine-covered Kalavria, with its beautiful hills and idyllic bays.

Its unique charms have been praised over the years by distinguished visitors such as the poet George Seferis and the writer Henry Miller. It is an evocative place, full of treasures and monuments with a long history from antiquity to the establishment of the modern Greek state.

Today, Poros is a popular destination for weekend getaways, as well as for lovers of hiking and water sports.

Close-up of lemon tree with ripe fruits at Poros, Greece.

It also makes an ideal base for excursions to the other islands in the Saronic Gulf, or for a day trip to the neighbouring town of Galatas on the Greek mainland, with its wonderful lemon forest.

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