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Loukoumi, a Turkish confection dating back to the 15th century, made from sugar, starch, and flavors, served in cubes with variations worldwide.

Close-up of woman sprinkling powder sugar with her hands on red Turkish delights on wooden frame

Loukoumi is a traditional confection of the Turkish cuisine. Made from simple ingredients like sugar, starch and glucose, it has been produced in Turkey since the 15th century. Its original name was rahat hulkum, which evolved into the word loukoumi.

It is served in small cubes, and often contains almonds. While available in various flavors, the most common are rose (red loukoumi), bergamot (green loukoumi) and mastic (yellow loukoumi).

Since first produced, the making of loukoumi has expanded to numerous parts of the world, starting with countries of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Arab world and later all other continents.

In Greece, loukoumi was introduced in the 19th century, where local variations have enriched the original recipe. The island of Syros is famous for its loukoumi production. The town of Serres produces a local kind of loukoumi called akanes, which is notable for its intense flavor due to the use of goat butter rather than fruit essences. Another variation is produced in the town of Komotini and is called sucuk lokum.

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