Gastronomy of Ionian Islands

Venetian cuisine with Mediterranean characteristics. Foreign travelers considered the port of Corfu to be central to boat travel in the Adriatic. As is natural, the Venetians, as conquerors, imposed their cuisine on the Ionian Islands, thus initiating the locals into their own dietary habits. The Venetians of the Ionian islands got to know all the culinary treasures of Europe following the discovery of America.

Sugar, ginger, cinnamon saffron, cumin, nutmeg and other spices arrived at the port from Beirut, Alexandria and Constantinople. For example, urban Corfiot cuisine was purely Venetian. Typical dishes were sofrito, pastitsada with rooster or chicken, nouboulo from smoked pork fillets, vourdouni, a kind of sausage, salado, and burdeto. Other local products and delicacies include kumquat, ginger ale, the Ionian soft drink (based ginger), and the sweets sykomaida, mandolato, mandoles, fogatsa and gingeola.

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) products:

ProductDesignation of Origin (PDO) or
Geographical indication (PGI)
Fruits, dried nutsKumquat (PDO)Corfu
Fruits, dried nutsRaisins (PDO)Zakynthos
Olive oilZakynthos (PGI)Zakynthos
Olive oilCephalonia (PGI)Cephalonia
Olive oilSt. Mathew (PGI)Corfu
WineMavrodaphne (PDO)Cephalonia
WineMuscat (PDO0Cephalonia
WineMantzavinata (PGI)Cephalonia
WineSlopes of Aenos (PGI)Cephalonia
WineRobola (PDO)Cephalonia
WineHalikouna (PGI)Cephalonia

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