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Nouboulo Fumikado: A traditional Corfu cold cut, marinated pork fillet, smoked with aromatic herbs, served in thin slices, perfect for meze and wine pairing.

Greek ‘Nοubοulo’ is a cold cut made with pork fillet marinated in wine with spices and herbs Wrapped in the natural intestine

Nouboulo fumikado

Nοubοulo Fοumikado is a traditional Corfu cold cut of excellent quality that is made with pork fillet marinated in local wine with spices and herbs of Corfu. Wrapped in the natural intestine, smoked discreetly with aromatic branches of sage or laurel, it is left to mature in the open air.

This delicatessen treat is a unique addition to the buffet table, thanks to its unique and discreetly spicy flavor, as well as its rosy color. It is served in thinly cut slices and is ideal for salads, pasta and with a variety of other cold cuts. It is sliced artfully like Italian prosciutto and Spanish Jamon.

A delicious meze, it is perfect for serving with fresh vegetables, fruit salads, sykomaida, kumquat and, particularly in the summer months, with slices of melon. Lovers of wine will cherish it for its gentle taste, which balances wonderfully with all varieties of wine.

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