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The diet in Thrace is adapted to the severe climatic conditions and terrain that characterize the region. Thrace has endless plains, mountains, forests, and rivers that have contributed to the development of its agricultural production and livestock breeding. A totally agricultural community, Thrace has developed its diet on the basis of the goods produced by the Thracian earth.

The Thracian winter is heavy and long, with many snowstorms that cover everything. For this reason, all its dwellings have cellars for storing all types of food, wood, charcoal and wine. The cellars also store the touloumotiri cheese, the renowned Thracian sausage, tsoukalia (clay pots) with pickled pork lardi, petimezi, the niseste, the trahana, giofkades, as well as dried fruit. Also in the cellar are the flour and the wheat that is found abundantly in the region. Yoghurt, salted fish, the retseli (similar to a spoon sweet tasting like marmalade), tsipouro, syrupy sweets with almonds and walnuts, fresh butter and soutzouki (a kind of sausage with Ottoman roots, with eastern spices) are never absent from a Thracian household.

The Thracian cuisine was shaped by the cosmopolitan cohabitation of peoples of diverse origin and culture. 

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) products:

ProductDesignation of Origin and
Geographical indication
Olive oilThasos (PGI)Thasos
OlivesThroumba Tasos (PGI) Thasos
CheeseFeta (PDO)Xanthi, Rodopi, Evros
Cheese Kaseri (PDO) Xanthi, Rodopi, Evros
WineAvdira (PGI) Xanthi
Wine Evros (PGI) Evros
Wine Thrace (PGI) Xanthi, Rodopi, Evros
Wine Ismaros (PGI) Rodopi
Wine Plagies Petrotou (PGI) Rodopi

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