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Why should an Activity Provider participate in the App of Gastronomy Tours?

The benefit of an Activity Provider resulting from participating in the Gastronomy tours  mobile app is great since the app multiplies the Activity Provider’s exposure to travelers, and therefore greatly improves the chances to have visitors:

The app for mobile devices is much more useful for travelers compared to the website and the use of a desktop, which is heavy, bulky, and does not provide location services, while at the same time it is more easily accessible when someone has downloaded it into their mobile device.

The geolocation services (GPS) provided by the application and the mobile device enable the visitor to find producers in relation to his location, to use the maps of the application, and to the guidance service to reach his destination.

Recent studies show that 90% of users use their mobile devices through applications, compared to only 10% through websites.

In fact, for e-commerce, as in the case of Gastronomy Tours, the use of mobile apps compared to mobile websites is about 20 times more through mobile apps and the trend is towards further development in favor of mobile apps.

Users of the mobile apps see more than four times more products per session compared to mobile sites and have three times higher conversion rates, resulting in product purchases and 50% more conversions in purchases per session than via desktops.

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