How Gastronomy Tours works with Travel Agents

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Users choose between tours proposed by Gastronomy Tours depending on the following:

  • The profile of the trip
  • The duration
  • The destination

The platform displays a series of travel experiences that match the user’s selections.

To make a request, users pay a reservation deposit which is refunded immediately in case the request is rejected.

The Travel Agent receives an email, informing that someone made a reservation for a certain travel product and for a certain number of participants, day, and time. The Travel Agent must then respond within 24 hours at the latest, otherwise, the user will receive an automated message that the Day tour is not available.

If the Travel Agent accepts the request by clicking “Accept request” on the email received the user will receive an e-mail with the reservation details to participate in the request.

In case the Travel Agent does not wish to accept the request, they press “Reject request” and the applicant will receive an email informing that the Day trip is not available. The amount deposited during the reservation is then immediately refunded.

The Travel Agent also has the possibility to request an advance payment from the applicant, which is deposited to a Gastronomy Tours account first and will be then transferred to the associated party’s account a few days after the travel experience.

To see the full Terms of cooperation between Gastronomy Tours and Travel Agents press here.

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