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Can I get advertised on Gastronomy tours’ Social Media?

Yes, you can. The Silver or Gold membership gives you the right to post several times a year, by sending us an email with your post, and the date you wish for us to upload it, and we will contact you after we have checked availabilities.

For more postings over the ones offered free, they are charged €40/posting.

Bronze Subscribers can also get advertised at a cost of €50/posting.

Requirements in order to post in Gastronomy Tours Social Media or Blog

If a Gastronomy Tours’ member wishes to publish a post, the following requirements are needed:

Image size guidelines for all social media platforms:

Facebook Image Size – 1200 x 628 pixels.

Instagram Size – 1080 x 1080 pixels

Blog Post Image Size – 1200 x 600 pixels.

Please send your posting in a pdf file as well as the texts separately in a Word document file at [email protected].

Gastronomy Tours reserves the right not to post material if the content includes information considered to be contrary to its ethics or unrelated to the topics promoted by Gastronomy Tours.

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