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Since 1856, the tradition of processing female grey mullet roe (kephalos, in Greek) has passed on from father to son for four generations of the Trikalinos family. This process created the grey mullet bottarga, known in Greece as avgotaraho.
Today, with fidelity to tradition and a vision for the future, Trikalinos company innovates by producing superior quality products of high nutritional value. Come and explore the closely-kept secrets of our gastronomic culture by visiting our premises.
For our avgotaraho we use only grey mullet roe, recognized as the highest quality roe for this delicacy. The manufacturing process ensures low salt content and a high level of moisture, enabling to retain its seafood juices while keeping sodium levels low. Our Grey Mullet Avgotaraho is coated with natural beeswax to preserve the integrity of the product, its delicate taste, and nutritional value throughout its lifetime.
The legacy of conserving the fish products caught in seas rich in natural salt continues today, especially in certain Mediterranean countries. Although the preserving of bottarga from tuna or from kefalos is sometimes considered an achievement of the Byzantines, the practice in fact dates back to the ancient Greeks, the Egyptians, and even some Asian coastal regions.


During the tour of our facilities, 5 km from Athens Centre, visitors can watch a 15-minute video presentation showing the techniques for fishing grey mullets, the extraction of roe and the production of Trikalinos Bottarga. Visitors are then guided through a basic bottarga tasting experience and tasting trials.
The tour concludes with the presentation and tasting of products across the spectrum of Trikalinos production.
Visitors, finally, will also have the opportunity to purchase any of the company’s products from our retail store.



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